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Board 2015-2017

Salim Yusuf - President

Vash Mungal-Singh - Vice President

David Wood - President Elect 

Tony Duncan - Vice President Elect

Srinath Reddy - Past President

Deborah Chen - Past Vice President

Staffan Josephson - Secretary and Treasurer

Jagat Narula - Chair, SPAC

Floris Italianer – The Netherlands (EURO) 

Nooshin Bazargani – Dubai (EMRO)

Yvonne Garcia Richaud - Continental Council Chair (as of 1st Jan 2016)

Panos Vardas - At Large Position (as of 1st Jan 2016)

John Harold – Partners Council Chair (as of 1st Jan 2016)

John Meiners - Strategic Partner

The WHF board taking a healthy-heart selfie

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If you do not know the login contact karen.bennett(at)

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