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Individuals and philanthropic giving

Are you looking to contribute to a worthy cause?

The World Heart Federation encourages donations from wealthy individuals wishing for a longer-term relationship with a not-for-profit organization.
With a truly tailored approach to individual requirements, tight budget control and good reporting procedures, we can offer:

  • project-based: we have a number of projects which will surely fit your philanthropic need
  • country-based: should you be interested in a specific country or region, we can work with our members to define what suits you
  • age-based: if you are interested in a particular population, for example young people, we have ongoing projects and more plans
  • gender-based: we have campaigns that have a specific gender bias; for example, Go Red for Women focuses on the prevention and control of heart disease in women
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For more information,  contact:

Johanna Ralston
Chief Executive Officer

World Heart Federation
32 rue de Malatrex
1201 Geneva
Tel: +42 22 807 03 20
Fax: +41 22 807 03 39