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Do you know that cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number 1 killer of women worldwide? Sadly, the majority of women around the world still don’t know this important fact. Awareness is the first step towards prevention and results from surveys performed by our member organizations globally show alarmingly low perceptions of risk. In Iceland only 3% of women knew that CVD was their biggest threat, 8% in Singapore, and 10% in Columbia. Education through campaigns such as Go Red for Women are successful as has been shown by the very positive results achieved by the American Heart Association where awareness levels have increased from 7%  in 1997 to 54% in 2009.  

Viral strategies to fight a non-communicable disease

On 8 March, the World Heart Federation used the 100th anniversary celebration of International Womens’ Day, to bring awareness to the international Go Red for Women campaign and its key messages.  A viral email was prepared summarizing key facts about women and CVD and encouraging women to take better care of their heart health. It was shared with our members for translation into their local languages and a truly global dissemination plan was implemented, with the hope of reaching hundreds of thousands of people. Our social media platforms were utilized to increase the impact further.

We had some inspirational responses from our member organizations, and the fighting in Libya certainly did not stop the Libyan Cardiac Society from their fight against heart disease in women. Not only did they translate the viral into Arabic but they said “I would like to inform you that I managed to convince all members of the Libyan Cardiac Society and doctors involved in the treatment of women to be part of the campaign of Go Red for Women.  By Friday we will distribute the Viral email in Arabic to all doctors in Libyan clinics, hospitals, government bodies etc.”. They also advised that they had arranged a 10 minute interview with the main Libyan TV Station focusing on women’s risk of heart diseases.

Get involved with Go Red for Women

Find out how you can get involved.  If you have not already sent the viral email to the women in your life, forward it on to them today. Download it here and help protect them against their number 1 killer (available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, German and Italian)

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