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A Voice for the Invisible Child

19.04.2017 15:23

A Voice for the Invisible Child


In its report, A Voice for the Invisible Child, Children's HeartLink calls for the needs of children with heart disease to be included in efforts to strengthen health systems around the word.

The call, which is echoed in The Lancet, specifies that priorities must be made to build a pediatric cardiac workforce, collect data on CHD in national health surveys and cause of child death statistics, and finance health coverage in a way that protects families from impoverishment when they seek care.

Brian Atwood, former Administrator of USAID, urges leaders in global health and development: "Increasing access to pediatric cardiac care is a lofty but not insurmountable goal. It is an achievable goal, grounded in health system sustainability and equity. It will save children's lives.” 

Download A Voice for the Invisible Child

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