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New Zealand moves forward with plain packaging

22.02.2013 10:05

New Zealand moves forward with plain packaging


Following  a public consultation, on Monday, 18 February,  Associate Minister of Health Tariana Turia  announced the decision to legislate for plain packaging. Thanking the over 20,000 participants in the consultation, she reported that the Cabinet is satisfied that plain packaging is an important tool to improve the health of New Zealanders: “While opinions were divided,” she explained, “overall the consultation process confirmed that plain packaging will be an effective means of reducing the appeal of smoking and removing the impression that tobacco may be less harmful than it is.”

Plain packaging for tobacco will mean cigarette packs and tobacco pouches will have much larger pictorial health warnings and be stripped of the marketing imagery tobacco companies use to promote their products. The colours and design of the packs will be standardised in regulations designed to maximise the impact of the health warnings. Tobacco brand names will have to be printed in standard type fonts and sizes.  Associate Minister Turia commented that along with other policies and programmes to help smokers quit and discourage people from taking up smoking, plain packaging could help New Zealand achieve its goal of being tobacco-free by 2025.

What the new Australian packs look like

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