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On 19 September, world leaders agreed on a Political Declaration at the first UN High Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). This is only the second time in history that the UN General Assembly has met to discuss a health matter and the Summit has forever changed the landscape of global health, putting a spotlight on the once neglected dimension of health and calling for political will and support for these deadly diseases.


Involvement of World Heart Federation Members

World Heart Federation members have been an integral part of this process and achievement, taking part in international, regional and national civil society meetings, United Nations Consultations, ministerial meetings, workshops, and mass media campaigns, strengthening the voice of civil society worldwide. At the Summit itself, the cardiovascular disease community was in full showing with members from Kenya, Nigeria, US, Jamaica, Barbadoes and Finland. The World Heart Federation was represented throughout the proceedings, on panels and at side events by President, Professor Sidney C. Smith, Jr. and CEO, Johanna Ralston. In addition, Professor Srinath Reddy, Chair of the World Heart Federation Scientific and Policy Initiatives Committee, and Dr Kingsley Akinroye, President of the African Heart Network, were among 15 civil society speakers asked by the UN to make remarks on NCDs during the Summit. For more information please click here.  


Looking Forward

Despite a lack of concrete targets and indicators as outcomes of the Summit, this is just the beginning for CVD and NCDs. The World Health Organization is assigned to lead the global response to NCDs and specifically to develop targets and a monitoring and evaluation framework by 2012. The role of civil society will be critical in providing leadership and ensuring this Political Declaration is translated into concrete action. 


For more information from the UN on proceedings of the Summit, click below:

Monday, 19 September

Roundtable 1

Roundtable 2

Roundtable 3

Tuesday, 20 September 

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