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The World Heart Federation would like to congratulate Dr Kathryn Taubert, our Senior Science Officer, on her receipt of the Award of Meritorious Achievement from the American Heart Association (AHA).  Before joining the World Heart Federation team, Dr Taubert served as Senior Scientist and Special Assistant to the Chief Science Officer at the AHA.  During Dr Taubert’s 25 years of service at AHA she successfully increased awareness within the public and scientific communities about cardiovascular disease.  She is credited as being integral to the development of the overall scientific infrastructure of AHA, serving as a link between the Association and the global scientific community.  Scores of scientific papers, statements, guidelines, and treatises were developed as a result of her tutelage of numerous investigators, writing groups, and task force members.  Furthermore, Dr Taubert has been a leader in worldwide efforts to raise awareness and understanding of Kawasaki disease, a leading cause of acquired heart disease in children. This prestigious award serves as recognition of the lasting impact that Dr Taubert has had within the CVD community.  The award was presented at the AHA Awards Luncheon on 22 June in Dallas, Texas.

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