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Kids on the move toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help project managers, teachers, community workers, public health workers or health advocates take action in low-resource settings to improve diet and to increase community physical activity via programmes that work with or through children.

This toolkit provides the framework on...

  • plan - outlining the steps and desired outcomes of the programme,
  • implement - putting the programme into action,
  • evaluate - determining the programme's effectiveness,
  • adjust - making any changes to increase programme effectiveness.

... programmes in schools, preschools, in communities, or even online, that address the critical need to improve diets and to promote physical activity in low- resource settings. You will find all of the basic information for putting together and implementing a programme as well as real world examples, and links to more information/additional resources when needed.

Unhealthy diet and physical inactivity are critical health threats for the poor, and major causes of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). In the past two decades obesity rates have tripled. Traditionally problems associated with the rich, unhealthy diet* and physical inactivity* are seldom recognized as health priorities among the poor, in spite of the enormous impact NCDs have on their health as well as on the economic growth of their countries.