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The human face of heart disease and stroke


The World Heart Federation is looking for people affected by heart disease or stroke who are happy to publically share their stories. Our aim is to show the impact that heart disease and stroke can have on an individual who suffers from such a condition, as well as how it can affect their family and loved ones. Your contribution would support our global campaign to raise awareness of heart disease and stroke, address misunderstandings about the conditions, and educate people on the steps that can be taken towards better heart health.

By putting faces to heart disease and stroke statistics, your real life experiences can also assist us in urging world leaders to prioritize the prevention, treatment and control of the conditions, to help avoid the millions of unnecessary deaths that take place each year.

If you are willing to participate, your information and experiences will be collected via a short conversation either in person or by phone. Your story will then potentially be written up for publication on the World Heart Federation website.

Further to the interview, you may also be offered the opportunity to share your experience with journalists to assist them with their reporting on heart disease and stroke, and to help raise awareness of the conditions amongst the general public.

Please be assured that your personal information and contact details will never be shared without your consent. All opportunities will be fully explained to you to ensure you are completely comfortable before activities begin.


Download the flyer in PDF >

For further information please contact Cynthia Haro by phone on +41 22 807 03 25 or by email who will explain the activity in more detail and answer any questions that you may have.

Should you be willing to be involved we would love to talk to you!

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