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Past World Heart Federation congresses

World Congress of Cardiology 2006, a resounding success

The World Congress of Cardiology 2006 was a unique occasion, bringing together the World Heart Federation's XVth World Congress of Cardiology and the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2006.

Barcelona set a record for attendance and attracted more than 32,500 participants from over 100 countries. This was approximately 12,000 more attendees than the second largest World Congress of Cardiology held in Berlin in 1994. A total of 3,917 abstracts were accepted and presented in one of the 127 oral sessions, or in the Poster Area either as regular posters, moderated posters or e-posters.

The broad appeal of Barcelona 2006 was due to many reasons, but included the wide scientific programme, workshops, panels, exhibits and symposia, as well as the abundant networking opportunities, all of which helped to play a vital role in facilitating the sharing of science, in building capacity and in growing partnerships in the continuing fight against cardiovascular disease.

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Attendance history of past Wold Congresses of Cardiology