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Abstract based programme

The Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) gratefully acknowledges the submission of over 2700 abstracts from all over the world. All abstracts have been graded and reviewed by the Scientific Programme Committee.

The accepted abstracts are now published in the online version of the official American Heart Association Journal “Circulation”.

View the full abstracts:

Oral Presentations

Poster Presentations

In addition, all delegates may collect their personal electronic copy of these abstracts on CD Rom from the Takeda Pharmaceutical booth in the exhibition hall. To collect your free copy, please go to the Takeda booth (n° 202) with your voucher which you will find in your congress bag. The WCC 2010 organizers would like to thank Takeda Pharmaceutical for their financial support towards the
production and distribution of the Abstracts on CR ROM.

学术委员会(SPC)已收到从世界各地递交的2700多份论文摘要。委员会对所有摘 要都进行了分级及审阅。
已接受的摘要已发表在美国心脏协会的官方杂志《循环》(Circulation) 的网络版上。
此外,所有参会代表都可以在展览厅的武田制药展位处索要论文摘要记忆光盘。请携带 大会资料袋内提供的凭证去武田制药展位处(202号)索要免费论文摘要记忆光盘。
2010年度世界心脏病学大会主办方对武田制药为论文摘要记忆光盘的制作及分发所给予的财政支持致以衷心 凭证的感谢。

Abstracts will be presented in the following formats:

- Poster
- Oral abstract presentation

Poster presentation guidelines

- Dimensions: 1.8 meters (max) to 1.5 meters (min) high by 0.9 meters wide (70.80 inches by 35.40 inches)
- The title, authors’ details and affiliation(s) should be printed at the top of the poster. The chosen font should not be smaller than 5 cm (1.95 inches)
- Even at a distance of 1 meter from the poster board, the poster should be easily readable
- Posters must be placed on the boards (provided by the organizers) with double sided tape (not provided by the organizers)

Regarding the content structure of the poster, the sections outlined below should be observed:
- Introduction
- Materials and Methods
- Results
- Conclusion(s)
Wherever possible, results can be illustrated with picture(s) and chart(s)

Posters must be put up and dismantled according to the time slots given by the organizers Should the presenter not dismantle the poster at the appropriate time, the staff will take the liberty to remove it.

The congress organizers will accept no liability for your material and poster

All abstracts presented as a poster are displayed in the exhibition hall. Poster presenters have been asked to be present at their poster during the session breaks either from 10:00-10:30, 12:00-14:00 or 15:30-16:00 to answer questions and discuss the abstracts.

A poster help-desk is located within the poster area. Please do not hesitate to contact one of the staff members at the poster help desk for any further assistance.

Poster topics
Posters will be presented in the following scientific topics :

- Arrhythmias
- Heart Failure/Left Ventricular Function/Myocardial Function
- Valvular Disease/Pulmonary Circulation/Myocardialpericardial
- Ischemia/Coronary Artery Disease/Interventions/
- Peripheral Circulation
- Stroke
- Hypertension
- Epidemiology/Prevention
- Dyslipidemia and Metabolic Disorders
- Pharmacology
- Basic Science
- Cardiac Imaging/Computers
- Pediatric/Congenital Heart Disease
- Nursing/Technician
- Health Promotion

Oral abstract presentations
Oral abstract sessions have a dedicated time slot from 8.30 to 10.00 in the morning. All details for oral abstract sessions can be found in the detailed scientific programme.

To view your abstract(s), please click here and log-in with your e-mail address and your password.


- 壁报展示
- 口头摘要陈述

- 尺寸:1.8米(最高高度)到1.5米(最低高度)高,0.9米 宽(70.80英寸 X 35.40英寸)
- 标题、作者介绍、作者单位应打印在壁报顶部。打印文字 应不小于5厘米(1.95英寸)
- 在距离壁报板1米远处,壁报应清晰可辨、易于阅读。
- 壁报应用双面胶(主办方不提供)贴在壁报板(由主办方 提供)上。


- 导言
- 材料和方法
- 结果
- 结论
- 如有必要,结果可用图片及图表进行说明


如展示者未在规定的时间移除壁报,工作人员将代为移 除。会议主办方对您的材料和壁报不负任何责任。

以壁报形式展示的所有摘要都在展览厅内展示。要求展示 者在会议休息期间(10:00-10:30,12:00-14:00,或15:30-

壁报咨询台位于壁报区内。如需帮助,请联系壁报咨询台的 工作人员。


- 心律失常
- 心力衰竭/左心室功能/心肌功能
- 心瓣膜病/肺循环/心肌-心包病
- 缺血/冠心病/干预/外周循环
- 脑卒中
- 高血压
- 流行病学/预防
- 血脂异常和代谢疾病
- 药理学
- 基础科学
- 心脏成像/计算机辅助
- 儿科/先天性心脏病
- 护理/技师健康
- 健康促进

上午8:30到10:00为口头摘要会议的专用时间段。相关详情 见学术会议的详细说明。

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