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Advocacy toolkit

Globally, cardiovascular disease (CVD) accounts for 31 per cent of all deaths causing 17.3 million people to die every year, with 80 per cent of deaths taking place in low- and middle-income countries

Despite myths to the contrary, CVD burdens individuals in their most productive years by creating deaths, disabilities, and illnesses at early ages that are largely preventable. As we look toward a healthy future, free of CVD, we recognize that a healthy home means a healthy country, and that health-conscious policies can encourage heart-healthy living.

The World Heart Federation Advocacy Toolkit (10 MB) is a resource to aid our member organizations that have dedicated themselves to the prevention, control, and treatment of CVD in achieving their advocacy objectives.

You can download this toolkit in low resolution by clicking here

You can also download The World Heart Federation CVD and Development Agenda toolkit



WHFAdvocacy Toolkit Low Res


Please direct inquiries regarding the Advocacy Toolkit to Joanna.Markbreiter(at)