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Global Smokefree Partnership

The Global Smokefree Partnership is a multi-partner initiative formed to promote effective smokefree air policies worldwide. The partnership works by helping practitioners and supporters of smokefree policies to:

  • access the evidence for smokefree policies
  • request assistance from a network of experts
  • take action in support of smokefree policies

The partnership is coordinated by the American Cancer Society and the Framework Convention Alliance and brings together the World Heart Federation, the International Union Against Cancer and other organizations to advocate for and to reinforce anti-tobacco policies.

World Heart Federation involvement in the Global Smokefree Partnership

As an advocate for the reduction of risk factors associated with heart disease, the World Heart Federation naturally supports initiatives aimed at reducing the prevalence of active and passive smoking. Smoking has been identified as a major risk factor of cardiovascular disease. The World Heart Federation is thus a partner of the initiative, and contributes to achieving its mission.

The World Heart Federation encourages its members to participate in the global effort to fight second-hand smoking by supporting the Global Smoke Free Partnership and by promoting the implementation of smokefree policies in accordance with the FCTC.

The Global Smokefree Partnership will hold its Steering Group meeting in Geneva at the World Heart Federation headquarters on 11 and 12 December.

The Global Smoking Partnership launched two publications around the Article 8 guidelines: the Status Report on Article 8 (1.7 MB - PDF) and the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Article 8 toolkit (6.5 MB - PDF).

The Status Report on Article 8 is a brief media-friendly document which reports on the implementation of the Article 8 guidelines; identifies needs and challenges in progress with implementation (such as lack of resources and technical expertise); and provides recommendations for those countries that do not yet measure up.

The Status Report can be used in conjunction with the second document launched at COP3, called the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Article 8 toolkit. The Article 8 toolkit provides advocates and policymakers with useful resources including information on best practices in advocating for comprehensive smokefree air laws that comply with the FCTC.

To learn more about the consequences of active and passive smoking, please visit our section on cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Global Smokefree Partnership 2008 Awards

The Global Smokefree Partnership Awards for leadership and excellence in promoting effective smokefree policies aim to:

  • Recognize outstanding leadership and excellence in promoting effective smokefree policies worldwide by individuals and organizations.
  • Validate and encourage actions to promote smokefree policies

The GSP 2008 Awards Committee included experts and scientists from different Countries and with different backgrounds. Nominations from all over the world were presented and they were all outstanding. The Awards Committee had a difficult task in selecting the award recipients.

The GSP 2008 Awards ceremony will be celebrated during the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, on 29 October 2008.

The winners, by category, are:

  • Government of Panama  - GSP Award to a Governmental Body
  • InterAmerican Heart Foundation Mexico (FIC) - GSP Award to Civil Society and Campaigners for outstanding, sustained action to promote smokefree policies
  • Hemant Goswami - GSP Extraordinary Award for exceptional and outstanding commitment as a dedicated smokefree and tobacco control activist to promote the implementation of the guidelines on Article 8 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.
  • Minister of Health Thailand  - GSP Extraordinary Award for an exceptional example of how governments effectively implement the guidelines for Article 8 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

Smokefree Air Law Enforcement: Lessons from the Field

The Global Smokefree Partnership's latest publication, "Smokefree Air Law Enforcement: Lessons from the Field" is now available online.

This publication is a comprehensive package of inspection and enforcement strategies, protocols, and lessons learned from countries and sub-national jurisdictions that have successfully implemented smokefree policies.

The guide, intended for tobacco control advocates, enforcement personnel and policymakers currently engaged in enforcement efforts in their countries, provides evidence and best practices from existing jurisdictions that can inform the development of strategies and campaigns for the effective implementation and enforcement of smokefree policies.

The guide also includes an annex with links to key materials and resources focused on enforcement from countries around the world.

Download "Smokefree Air Law Enforcement - Lessons from the Field" >

"Working for a Smokefree Future"

The Global Smokefree Partnership launched a report entitled "Working for a Smokefree Future". It shows that smokefree air laws can work anywhere. Yet despite very rapid progress, more than nine in ten workers around the world have no legal protection from secondhand smoke at work. The report is released to mark International Workers’ Day.

Read the press release (1st May 2008) >

Read the key notes (1st May 2008) >

View the report on the Global Smokefree Partnership web site >