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Children in the City

Children in the City is a campaign created by the World Heart Federation in partnership with UEFA to improve access and awareness of physical activity in children living in selected low-income urban
Children and physical inactivity

Physical inactivity is one of the main modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease and setting healthy habits early in life is essential to staying healthy through all ages of life. Being active in a big city can be challenging, which is why the programme has been specifically designed to encourage children and young people (7-12 years old) living in low-income urban neighborhoods to increase their level of physical activity.

The pilot projects
Children in the City is run at the European level, with the first pilots in Spain, Romania and the UK, followed by Slovenia and Turkey. In collaboration with World Heart Federation national members, surveys are being run to identify the barriers to physical activity and the opportunities to tackle them. Practical interventions to improve awareness and access to physical activity are being developed based on the survey findings and tested in communities.

Advocating for physical activity
This experience will serve as a basis to develop best practices across Europe, to inspire actions in other countries and communities and advocate for the importance of healthy policies at government level.

Physical activity reports


Surveys to identify barriers to physical activity in children aged 7-12 living in selected low-income urban neighbourhoods, final results:

For Romania

For Spain