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25x25<25 RHD Goal

As the world’s leading global CVD (cardiovascular disease) organization and as a co-founder of the RHD Action Alliance, the World Heart Federation has set itself ambitious goals on RHD:


•Minimize the burden of RHD and eliminate Rheumatic Fever (RF)


•Achieve a 25% reduction in premature deaths from RF and RHD among individuals aged <25 years by 2025


Ensure that 90% of countries with endemic RHD have integrated and comprehensive control programmes by 2025

•Ensure the availability of high-quality benzathine penicillin G for 90% of patients with RHD in 90% of countries with a high burden of this disease within 10 years

•Foster at least one prominent public figure as an ‘RHD champion’ in every country where RHD is endemic

•Establish at least one hub of training, research, and advocacy for RF and RHD in each World Health Organization-defined geographic region by 2025

•Test a group A β haemolytic streptococcal vaccine in phase III clinical trials in RHD-endemic countries within 10 years