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The Emerging Leaders Programme

The Emerging Leaders Programme has been created by the World Heart Federation to form and develop a long-term cadre of experts who collaborate, research, and act to reduce premature mortality from cardiovascular disease (CVD) globally by at least 25% by 2025 as targeted by the World Heart Federation and World Health Organization ('25 x 25').

Cohorts (25 people per year) of Emerging Leaders are formed each year, with 2015-2016 marking the third year of the programme. The World Heart Federation aims to reach as many potential candidates as possible on a global basis. Candidates from academia, civil service, private industry and cardiovascular medicine are encouraged to apply. Candidates may be affiliated with a member organization of the World Heart Federation, but this is not mandatory.

This year's programme is focusing on tobacco control and prevention and included a think-tank in Bangalore, India. 

To learn more about the programme we invite you to read former Emerging Leader Benn Grover's story and visit the website.