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Alvaro Avezum

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Álvaro Avezum, is the Director of the Research Division at Dante Pazzanese Institute of Cardiology, Professor at São Paulo University, and International Research Fellow at Population Health Research Institute, McMaster University. He is cardiologist, epidemiologist and trialist.
He received his medical degree from the Federal University of Triângulo Mineiro, MG, Brazil, in 1985; completed his residency in Internal Medicine, followed by the completion of 3-year residency in cardiology, at Dante Pazzanese Institute of Cardiology in São Paulo, in 1990; did fellowship training in cardiology and earned an MSc in Clinical Epidemiology at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada, from 1993 to 1995; and obtained his PhD in Cardiology from São Paulo University in 2002 and full-professorship at Cardiology Department, São Paulo University in 2016. His previous positions at Medical Societies in Brazil include: Vice-President, São Paulo Cardiology Society, and President, Cardiovascular Health Promotion-Funcor, Brazilian Cardiology Society. Currently, he is Scientific Director, São Paulo Cardiology Society and Scientific Director, Evidence-based Cardiology Committee at Brazilian Cardiology Society, Coordinator, Epidemiology Chapter at InterAmerican Cardiology Society, Member of the Cardiovascular Secondary Prevention Committee at World Heart Federation, and Research Director of São Paulo Cardiology Society.
Dr. Avezum´s selected contributions include the introduction and cardiologist´s training of evidence-based medicine, capacity building and clinical trials, epidemiological studies coordination, clinical practice evaluation and improvement in cardiovascular disease, and the cardiovascular health promotion initiative in Brazil. His main research interests include clinical trials in cardiovascular diseases, evidence-based practice, cardiovascular disease prevention, epidemiological studies, systematic overview, and knowledge translation interventions.
Dr. Avezum has been a steering committee member of more than 60 studies (randomized clinical trials and epidemiological studies), adjudication committee member of more than 30 studies, and author/co-author of 223 peer-reviewed published scientific papers, including key articles in high impact journals, such as the NEJM, Lancet, Circulation, JAMA, BMJ, and JACC. h-Index of 74 (July 23, 2018). He has been a reviewer of AHJ, AJC, Circulation, JACC and Lancet. Recently, he was identified as one of the world´s most influential scientific minds, 2014 and 2015, in clinical medicine, by Thompson Reuters.