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We cannot do it alone. Our partnerships are essential in tackling the CVD epidemic

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Providing a platform for partners to raise their profiles and achieve real impact

The World Heart Federation alone cannot successfully tackle the cardiovascular disease (CVD) epidemic. Partnerships are essential to the global programmes we initiate and without the collaboration of our members and other parties, these would not have the reach and impact which is so badly needed to reach our goal: a 25% reduction of premature mortality from cardiovascular disease by 2025.

Being a World Heart Federation partner puts you at the very heart of the fight against CVD

We provide platforms for our members and partners to connect and network, learning from each other and raising their profiles on the global stage. We also harness the expertise of individual member organizations

and partners, developing expert resources to share best practice so that we always work to each other’s strengths.

Opportunities for partner collaboration

There are many opportunities for partner collaboration as we deliver our key objectives:


Forming exciting new collaborations and programmes aimed at reducing premature mortality caused by CVD by 25% by 2025.

Emerging leaders

Growing this successful programme to build capacity globally via talented leaders of the future.

World Congress of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Health

Ensuring the continued success of this global convening of experts and organizations (including patients) dedicated improving cardiovascular health.

WHF CVD Roadmaps

Taking the facts we have about improving outcomes in CVD and working through our partners at country level to identify gaps in policy and care, and working to find sustainable solutions at a local level.

World Heart Day

Promoting awareness of CVD on a global platform and harnessing the power of individuals and groups to advocate for policies that support CVD health.

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