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Meet & Share Forum

5-7 December 2018

A unique new opportunity for the global cardiovascular community to come together and share experiences, discuss challenges, and identify solutions in the civil society response to CVD.

For 40 years, the World Congress of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Health has been the international platform offering a truly global perspective on the challenges of bringing heart health to national agendas as a fundamental human right, and to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease on our friends, our families, our communities. This year in Dubai, for the first time, we will bring together a host of leaders to discuss, debate and reflect on the agendas, strategies and success stories of associations and foundations on heart health.

The WHF Meet & Share Forum is designed in collaboration with member foundations and associations who will play an active role in this interactive programme. It is an exciting opportunity to host foundation representatives across all continents to bring to the agenda their own experiences and use this forum as a stage to showcase successes and challenges at national and regional level.

The overall aim of this FIRST Meet and Share Forum is to bring together the leaders of foundations, societies and associations across different countries to share their experiences and national strategies, identify specific key challenges and discuss how to address them.

Who is the Forum for?

The forum is relevant for foundation and association teams including, CEOs, the communications team, the strategy planning or innovation teams, as well as national decision makers and policy health officials and representatives from patient organisations.

How to attend

Your registration at the WCC 2018 will allow you entry to this exciting new programme. Only registered delegates at WCC can attend this event. As places are limited we advise that you pre-register for this event. If you have not yet registered for the WCC 2018, you can pre-register your name while completing your registration form by ticking the ‘Meet & Share Forum’ box.

If you have already registered for the WCC 2018, you will receive an email from our congress organizers asking if you would like to register for the Forum. You may also contact them directly at

All WHF member organizations confirming their attendance are entitled to three free registrations and up to seven discounted ones.

The programme

The programme has been designed in 3 core sections covering:

  1. Who we are: an international landscape
  2. Objectives and campaigns, examples across the regions
  3. What is advocacy, and what can it achieve?
  4. Advocacy lessons from Europe and the Americas

The programme is built around interactive panel discussions with expert representatives from each global region.

Preparing for the Forum

If you’ve registered to attend the Meet & Share Forum, we very much look forward to welcoming you in Dubai. To prepare for this exciting and interactive experience, we would like you to answer a few questions for the sessions you plan to attend. This is intended to help you get the most out of your participation in the event, and those who respond will also have a better chance of their contributions and stories being incorporated in the final report of the Meet & Share Forum.

Please save your answers in your records as we will be asking you to share them during the sessions – you can download a Word copy of the questionnaire here.

Click here to access the survey

Download the Meet & Share Forum Programme


Pre-event questionnaire for participants

Open survey