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Member Partners and Continental Members Sessions

Member Partners of the World Heart Federation, as well as Continental Members, will be holding sessions at WCC 2018 to share best practice and learnings from around the world.

European Society of Cardiology

Hot topics in clinical cardiology

Chair, Country: Jose Luis Zamorano

Chair, Country: Fausto Pinto

Talk 1 Should low-risk patients undergo transcatheter aortic valve replacement?

Speaker, Country: Martine Gilard, France

Talk 2 Imaging to select patients for atrial fibrillation ablation

Speaker, Country: Jeroen Bax, The Netherlands

Talk 3 Non-ischemic cardiolyopathy – ICD or not?

Speaker, Country: Gerhard Hindricks, Germany

Talk 4 Current status of CT coronary angiography

Speaker, Country Stephan Achenbach, Germany

Japanese Circulation Society

Hot topics of coronary disease and heart failure

Chair, Country Takashi Akasaka, Japan

Talk 1 Intravascular imaging

Speaker, Country Takashi Akasaka, Japan

Talk 2 Advancement in non invasive imaging

Speaker, Country Fausto Pinto

Talk 3 New guidelines of heart failure in Japan

Speaker, Country Issei Komuro, Japan

Talk 4 Development of assist devices in heart failure

Speaker, Country Nir Uriel, USA

American Heart Association

Tackling Cardiovascular Disease: Guidelines and Quality Improvement

Chair, Country Ivor Benjamin, USA

Chair, Country Nooshin Bazargani, UAE

Talk 1: Atrial Fibrillation: Global Challenges and Opportunities

Speaker, Country Ivor Benjamin, USA

Talk 2: Treating Hypertension to Improve Cardiovascular Outcomes: Guideline Recommendations for the Management of High Blood Pressure

Speaker, Country Mark Creager, USA

Talk 3: Quality Improvement Programs and the Global Burden of Cardiovascular Disease

Speaker, Country Sidney C. Smith, Jr, USA

American College Cardiology

Opportunities in Resource Challenged Settings

Chair, Country: C. Michael Valentine, USA

Chair, Country: David Wood, UK

Talk 1 STEMI – International Opportunities

Speaker, Country: C. Michael Valentine, USA

Talk 2: Management of Heart Failure in Resource Challenged Settings

Speaker, Country: Mary N. Walsh, USA

Talk 3: Drug and Device Safety Around the World – We are Stronger Together

Speaker, Country: Richard Kovacs, USA

Talk 4: Global Burden of Disease, Conflict and Peace in Middle East

Speaker, Country: Jagat Narula, USA

Saudi Heart Association

Heart Failure Management

Chair, Country Wael Alhabib

Chair, Country Feras Bader

Talk 1 Chronic heart failure management: guideline update

Speaker, Country Wael Alhabib

Talk 2 Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: Who Benefits?

Speaker, Country Ahmad Hersi

Talk 3 Update on Acute Heart Failure Management

Speaker, Country Feras Bader

Inter-American Society of Cardiology

Selected topics of valvular heart disease

Chair, Country: Peter Zilla, South Africa

Chair, Country: Gustavo Restrepo, Colombia

Talk 1 Understanding the tricuspid valve – Healthy and Unhealthy

Speaker, Country Pedro Graziano, Venezuela

Talk 2  Evaluating the severity of aortic stenosis: a re-look at our current “gold standard” measurements

Speaker, Country Ricardo Migliore, Argentina

Talk 3 Mitral valve regurgitation in the real world: what do you need to know

Speaker, Country Hector Michelena (USA)

Talk 4 Secondary tricuspid valve regurgitation or dilataion: which should be the criteria for surgical repair?

Speaker, Country Obaid Al Jassim

Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology

Management of Hypertension

Chair, Country: Aman Amanullah, Bangladesh

Chair, Country: Mohammad Naeem Aslam, Pakistan

Talk 1 Management of hypertension in pregnancy

Speaker, Country Natalie Bello, USA

Talk 2 Screening for secondary hypertension

Speaker, Country Khalida Soomro, Pakistan

Talk 3 Hypertension, Left Ventricular Remodelling and Hypertensive Heart Failure in Black African Patients

Speaker, Country: Dike Ojj, Nigeria

Talk 4 Salt-Sensitive Hypertension in Asia:  Prevalence, Genome, and Novel Therapy

Speaker, Country: Tzung-Dau Wang, Taiwan

Pan-African Society of Cardiology

Mitral regurgitation, current status and future directions

Chair, Country: Saad Subahi, Sudan

Chair, Country: Habib Gamra, Tunisia

Talk 1 Degenerative vs. functional mitral regurgitation

Speaker, Country Hector Michelena, USA

Talk 2 When to repair / replace the mitral valve

Speaker, Country Abdullah Ashmeg, Sudan

Talk 3 Is transcatheter mitral therapy ready for prime time

Speaker, Country Mpiko Ntsekhe, South Africa

Talk 4: Novel percutaneous mitral valve repair for LMIC

Speaker, Country Peter Zilla, South Africa