Abstract submission is now closed

The call for abstracts for WCC 2018 has now closed.

We would like to thank all authors for your contributions to the WCC scientific programme!

The Congress Programme Committee reviewers will now start evaluating all the papers received – quite an inspiring task! So bear with us: abstract notifications will be dispatched towards end of June.

In the meantime you can stay tuned by signing up for the WCC newsletter: fill in the information at the bottom of this page and then click “Submit”.


New to WCC 2018 and for more interactivity, all accepted abstracts will be presented as either ePosters or moderated ePosters. This offers all presenting authors the option to include videos and images in their poster presentations.

Abstract topics list

  • Epidemiology / Prevention / Health Promotion / Physical Activity / Advocacy

  • Genetics / Epigenetics / Technology / E-health

  • Hypertension / Obesity / Dyslipidemia / Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders

  • Heart Failure / Left Ventricular Function / Myocardial Pericardial Disease / Chagas Disease

  • Arrhythmias

  • Valvular Disease / RHD / Pulmonary Circulation / Valvular Intervention

  • Ischaemia / Coronary Artery Disease / Coronary Interventions / Acute Coronary Syndrome

  • Stroke / Peripheral Circulation / Non-coronary Interventions / Aorto-arteritis

  • Cardiac Imaging

  • Paediatrics / Adolescent / Congenital Heart Disease

  • Heart Disease in Women

  • Allied Health Professionals

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