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COVID-19 across the spectrum

How the pandemic impacts the heart of our communities

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COVID-19 across the spectrum: Bangladesh

Dr. Ferdous Hakim


"Around the globe, we hear of a decrease in patients seeking the usual heart care that they would need in non-pandemic times. Bangladesh appears to be no exception and hospitals in the capital city of Dhaka became empty once COVID-19 hit."

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COVID-19 across the spectrum: Spain

Juan Cosin Sales


"As I talked with cardiology patients, they mentioned symptoms they experienced but refused to come in for care. People experienced heart attacks at home and patients suffering from heart disease have stayed on their own."

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COVID-19 across the spectrum: South Africa

Prof Liesl Z├╝hlke

Cape Town, South Africa

"The knock-on effect of people not working and therefore not earning income to procure basic supplies, food and even to access government assistance is very real."

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