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Acting in the face of uncertainty

Andrea Fernandes das Neves, MD.


"As a clinician working in a busy public hospital, we had to quickly adapt, even though there was no way we could be close to the security measures needed for the situation that we have been seeing in other countries."

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Studying links between COVID-19 and cardiovascular disease

Bojan Stanetic

Bosnia and Herzegovina

"In May 2020, WHF issued a call for a global study on the link between COVID-19 and cardiovascular disease. Interventional cardiologist Bojan Stanetic is leading the WHF study in his hospital in Bosnia and Herzegovina."

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A profession that is impossible to perform if it is not vocational

Teresa Miguel Trasobares


"During that time, I didn’t feel stressed. What happened to me showed such anodyne symptomology that I never considered I was having a heart attack."

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The role of a cardiac nurse in the COVID-19 pandemic

Rita Akiki


"In Lebanon, we have very low capacity in intensive care units and low availability of mechanical ventilation, a health care system that is based on patient payment out of pocket and no national programme for CVD patients. All these challenges have been amplified by COVID-19."

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Focusing on healing both the body and the spirit

Eduardo Chuquiure-Valenzuela MD. MSc.


"Since social isolation was imposed, I have received hundreds of calls and messages from patients, friends and family with similar concerns. Everyone is worried and stressed about future uncertainty. Some people believe they have symptoms of COVID-19 without any evidence and others ask about the risk of being patients with heart disease"

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Emergency cardiac care in the time of COVID-19

Shirley Ingram


"Once a heart attack is ruled out, patients are electronically referred to me and I telephone them. I now assess the patient over the phone instead of face-to-face. I take their health history, risk profile, medications and perform risk stratification, all by a conversation."

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Coronavirus pandemic and me, my family and my country

Ferdous Hakim MD.


"I have been working from home for almost a month, which has been a challenge for me. I have not faced the circumstance of working remotely for a long time. Finding the right place, at the proper time and proper attitude, was difficult especially with three children at home and schools closed."

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Adversity is the mother of adaption

Lucrecia M. Burgos MD.


"A few months ago, I was diagnosed with a neurological disease that stopped me from adequately moving and feeling the right side of my body. This had a great impact on me, not only because I did not expect it, but also because I am right-handed and very active."

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Understanding the link between COVID-19 and cardiovascular disease in Africa

Ahmed Suliman


"In May 2020, WHF issued a call for a global study on the link between COVID-19 and cardiovascular disease. Interventional cardiologist Ahmed Suliman is leading the WHF study in his hospital in Sudan. "

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