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Today at WCC 2016, the Pan-African Society of Cardiology (PASCAR) presented their ten pillars for the Africa roadmap which has as its goal a 25% control rate of hypertension in the region by 2025.

The ten pillars are:

  • All national programmes on NCDs should contain a plan for the detection of hypertension
  • Allocate appropriate funding and resources to the plan for the detection, treatment and control of hypertension
  • Create simple and practical clinical guidelines which are required for the detection, treatment and control of hypertension
  • Monitor and report rates of detection, treatment and control on an annual basis with a clear target of improvement by 2025 using the WHO stepwise surveillance in all countries
  • Integrate detection treatment and control of hypertension within existing health service such as vertical programmes (for example HIV, TB)
  • Shift the paradigm to promote task sharing with adequately trained community health workers, etc
  • Ensure the availability of essential equipment and medicines for the management of hypertension at primary and all levels of care
  • Provide universal access and coverage for the detection, treatment, and control
  • Support high-quality research to produce evidence that will guide interventions
  • Invest in population-level interventions for the prevention of hypertension such as a reduction in high salt intake, increase in fruit and vegetable diet, physical activity and reduction of obesity