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About the Programme

Building up capacity, professional development, mentorship
and networking of WHF Emerging Leaders in 100 countries

One of the world’s first training programmes on health policy research, health systems and implementation science

The Salim Yusuf Emerging Leaders Programme was created in 2014 by WHF Past President, Professor Salim Yusuf, to form and develop a long-term cadre of experts who collaborate, research, and act to reduce premature mortality from cardiovascular disease (CVD) globally.

This WHF initiative is among the first international training programmes on cardiovascular health policy research, health systems and implementation science, and aims to build up capacity through professional development, mentorship and provision of networking opportunities for the selected candidates.

Each year, trough a competitive process, 25 Emerging Leaders are selected. These are outstanding individuals who have demonstrated long-term promise through their early careers, and creativity and passion for improving cardiovascular health and preventing CVD. By participating in the Programme, these individuals will develop expertise in:

  • Monitoring and evaluating health systems
  • Identifying barriers and facilitators for implementation of evidence-based prevention and treatments for CVD
  • Developing evidence-based policy research
  • Influencing critical stakeholders including policymakers, legislators and media



WHF and its members believe in a world where heart health for everyone is a fundamental human right, and the Emerging Leaders Programme plays an important part in achieving this mission. Focusing on a different priority area each year, the objective of the training module is to reduce the global burden of cardiovascular disease in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 3.4.

Our 150 strong expert community has so far tackled a number of issues, including secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, raised blood pressure, tobacco prevention and control, access to essential medicines, stroke and heart failureLearn more about our Emerging Leaders’ Projects.


How you can support the Emerging Leaders Programme

  • Make a personal or organizational donation to the Programme
  • Offer your mentorship and/or corporate sponsorship to an Emerging Leader in your particular cardiovascular field or country
  • Be recognized as investing in the future of cardiovascular prevention, treatment and control
  • Showcase your commitment to the future of cardiovascular prevention, treatment and control as an official sponsor
  • Provide inspiration and shape the direction, development and outcome of the Programme

The WHF Emerging Leaders Programme has already achieved significant results. To take performance and impact to the next level, we need you —global leaders, individuals and organizations in the field of circulatory health— to add your support to that of Professor Yusuf and WHF.

With your collaboration, we can build a global talent pool with far-reaching and long-term capacity-building benefits for the future of cardiovascular health.

By making a donation, you will be contributing to the future of a field which is so vital in tackling premature mortality caused by CVD, the world’s number one killer.

Contribute to the Salim Yusuf Emerging Leaders Programme


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