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The 2020 Emerging Leaders Programme – led by Senior Programme Adviser Dr Amitava Banerjee – will mark the seventh year of the programme and will focus on CVD & diabetes. Previous cohorts have focused on heart failure, secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, raised blood pressure, tobacco prevention and control, essential medicines, and stroke.

The World Heart Federation aims to reach as many potential candidates as possible on a global basis. Candidates from academia, civil society, healthcare and the private sector are all encouraged to apply. Candidates may be affiliated with a member organization of the World Heart Federation, but this is not mandatory. All Emerging Leaders participants will be required to participate in online training, a five-day think tank seminar from 20-25 September 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal, and collaborative group work based on proposals developed during the seminar with seed funding support from WHF from meritorious applications.

The selection committee will look for candidates to demonstrate their passion for improving CVD healthcare, willingness to participate in collaborative group work, and desire for making a difference at the grassroots level and beyond.


Our Emerging Leaders say…


“Reasons to apply to join the Emerging Leaders Programme? Fantastic peers, mentors and networks. Reasons not to? None. Join a growing community of early-career professionals focused on global approaches to CVD prevention.”

—Dr Amitava Banerjee, UK, Senior Programme Adviser & Emerging Leader 2014



Teamwork, collaborative research, intensive days, sharing knowledge with experts from all corners of the world… an unforgettable experience. Not to be missed.”


—Dr Rafael Vidal-Perez, Spain, Emerging Leader 2015



The Emerging Leaders Programme introduced me to a network of ambitious people with brilliant minds and diverse interests from all over the world. It challenged me to see myself as a leader, rather than a follower, and appreciate that I can contribute to improving global healthcare in a meaningful way.”

—Dr Sarah Kraus, South Africa, Emerging Leader 2017



I was very fortunate to be selected to be part of the Emerging Leaders Programme in 2018. I learnt so much and the support given from the World Heart Federation made this a career highlight. I can’t recommend this Programme highly enough!”


—Prof Lis Neubeck, UK, Emerging Leader 2018



From leadership training by the world’s thought leaders in global cardiovascular health to collaborative group projects resulting in a new community of life-long friends, the Emerging Leaders Programme is one of the most formative and important training experiences I have ever had.”

—Dr Anubha Agarwal, USA, Emerging Leader 2019

Application requirements

The selection committee looks for candidates to demonstrate their passion for improving CVD healthcare and making a difference at the grassroots level and beyond.

Candidates are asked to provide the following supporting documents (in English):

  1. 1,000 word (maximum) personal statement demonstrating:
    • The candidate’s rationale for applying.
    • Prior experience working with local, regional, or national governments of non-governmental agencies to improve cardiovascular health.
    • Unique attributes that each candidate brings to the programme.
    • Demonstration of creativity, disruptive innovation or both to spark change.
  2. Current curriculum vitae, including membership in the World Heart Federation member organization, if applicable.
  3. One published writing example (if multi-author publication, candidates should select an example where they are either first or last author).
  4. Letter(s) of support from a local mentor and departmental head (joint letter acceptable), outlining support for participation in the Programme.
  5. Two-minute (maximum) video presentation outlining why the candidate wants to participate in the Salim Yusuf Emerging Leaders Programme.

Selection criteria

  1. Candidates must be able to communicate fluently in verbal and written English.
  2. Emerging leaders will generally be considered to be early- to mid-career applicants who have completed their training by June 2020.  Applicants who have not completed their terminal training are not eligible.
  3. Demonstration of leadership abilities and skills, either through positions of leadership or examples of leadership during recent or current projects.
  4. Demonstration of written communication abilities and skills through a recently published manuscript or another scholarly article.
  5. Demonstration of productivity relevant to the applicant’s particular field as demonstrated through peer-reviewed publications, grants awarded, projects led and completed, or other field-specific metrics of productivity.
  6. Demonstration of creativity or potential for development, implementation, or dissemination of disruptive innovations that have previously demonstrated rapid uptake and implementation given improvements in outcomes, costs, or both.
  7. Conducive home eco-system, including local mentor and supportive local institution.
  8. Career goals aligned with focus area, namely evidence-based treatment and prevention, health system strengthening, implementation science, and knowledge transfer related to CVD.
  9. Demonstration of prior or current collaboration with or work in local, regional, or national governments/ministries of health or with health promotion agencies/NGOs preferred.
  10. Experience of translating knowledge into action in the field of CVD is an advantage.

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