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Global Summit on Circulatory Health

Convening thought leaders to elevate the world’s number one killer
as the top global health priority

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About the Global Summit on Circulatory Health

Heart disease and stroke remain the world’s foremost causes of premature death, despite being largely preventable through the mitigation of risk factors. Together, the cardiovascular disease (CVD) community and multi-sectoral partners need to reframe outreach strategies and tools for action to raise the priority status of CVD nationally and globally.

The Global Summit on Circulatory Health is the thought leadership event designed to elevate the world’s number one killer as the top priority for Key Opinion Leaders, Ministers of Health and Public Health Officials, and Industry Leaders.

The Summit aims to:

  1. Convene and mobilize advocates in circulatory health
  2. Coordinate stakeholders and policymakers around shared goals
  3. Campaign for circulatory health with a collective voice and a clear message
  4. Catalyze action for circulatory health through civil society and policy engagement


The history of the Global Summit at a glance

The first Global Summit, held in Mexico City in 2016, resulted in the first declaration on circulatory health — the Mexico Declaration — signed by 29 leading global organization, including the World Heart Organization and the World Stroke Organization.

Following the second Global Summit in Singapore, the World Heart Federation created the Global Coalition for Circulatory Health, which was launched in October 2017 at the World Health Organizations’ Conference on Non-communicable Diseases in Montevideo, Uruguay. The Coalition brings together international, regional and national stakeholders to drive the urgent action needed to combat heart disease, stroke and associated co-morbidities such as diabetes and kidney diseases, as well as to give a voice to people living with circulatory diseases and to the trained health workforce that cares for them.

The Mexico Declaration: Improving Circulatory Health for All People

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The Global Coalition for Circulatory Health

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Improving Access to Essential Medicines for Circulatory Diseases: A Call to Action

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