4th Global Summit on Circulatory Health

Innovations in Circulatory Care and Technologies

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The 4th Global Summit on Circulatory Health will be held in Paris, France on 29-30 August 2019 under the theme Innovations in Circulatory Care and Technologies.

Exploring technological innovations and its implications for circulatory diseases has never been timelier. The 4th Summit Global Summit on Circulatory Health aims to create a space where clinicians, policymakers, researchers, advocates from civil society and private sector representatives can network and debate critical issues of circulatory health in a wider global health context. It will examine how digital health platforms, mHealth, and artificial intelligence are impacting health systems and drugs discovery, challenging regulatory systems and re-shaping the nexus between health, technology, and the law. Whether you are a clinician, a policymaker, a health advocate or a researcher, technological health innovations may already be influencing the way you work, interact with your patients, develop policies or interpret research results.

The Summit will bring together an impressive group of thought leaders and practitioners to explore together — through keynote lectures, panels and workshops — how to create an environment where innovations can be leveraged for better circulatory care and for more cost-effective and accessible health systems.

More information on the programme and social events will follow in the coming months.

About the Global Summit on Circulatory Health

Heart disease and stroke remain the world’s foremost causes of premature death, despite being largely preventable through the mitigation of risk factors. Together, the cardiovascular disease (CVD) community and multi-sectoral partners need to reframe outreach strategies and tools for action to raise the priority status of CVD nationally and globally.

The Global Summit on Circulatory Health is the thought leadership event designed to elevate the world’s number one killer as the top priority for Key Opinion Leaders, Ministers of Health and Public Health Officials, and Industry Leaders.

The aim of the Summit is to:

  1. Convene and mobilize advocates in circulatory health
  2. Coordinate stakeholders and policymakers around shared goals
  3. Campaign for circulatory health with a collective voice and a clear message
  4. Catalyze action for circulatory health through civil society and policy engagement

Hear from previous attendees on why you should attend the Global Summit on Circulatory Health:


The World Heart Federation would like to thank its Partners in their commitment to supporting the World Heart Federation 3rd Global Summit on Circulatory Health.