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Heart Hero Challenge

A World Heart Day App

In the lead up to World Heart Day, help your employees take care of their hearts with the Heart Hero Challenge app.

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Heart Hero Challange App

World Heart Day is the world’s biggest awareness-raising platform for cardiovascular disease.

Celebrated every year on 29 September, it highlights the actions that individuals can take to prevent and control heart disease in themselves and their loved ones.

"The competition encouraged me to walk more and log in every day to take the quizzes and earn points."

"I loved the healthy competition and working together to reach a common goal."

"Very educational and fun at the same time."

The wonder drug

Walking for an average of 30 minutes a day can lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes by up to 40%.

Walking regularly can also help manage weight, blood pressure and cholesterol and improve mental health, quality of life and well-being. And best of all, it’s completely free!

Promote health in the workplace

Poor employee health, including poor heart health, can impact your company’s productivity and your bottom line.

Cardiovascular disease is the world’s leading cause of death claiming 17.9 million lives each year. Controlling risk factors such as tobacco use, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity, at least 80% of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke could be avoided.

Engage your employees

The Heart Hero Challenge app is a fun tool to engage your employees, increase their productivity, and help them stay healthy at home and at work!

Download the app today!

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Key features

  • Gaming app to count daily steps and compete in teams.
  • Customisable look and feel.
  • Available in English, French, Spanish and German. Additional languages on request.
  • Includes articles and videos to discover how to keep your heart healthy.

Stay motivated

With walking challenges, team competition, fun videos and the power of games, you can keep your employees’ hearts healthy and their minds motivated – even while working remotely!

Team Challenges

Up the stakes by setting personal and team challenges.

Fun Videos

Access a library of actionable videos, articles & quizzes.

Inspirational Games

Unlock the power of gamesto stay motivated.

Get started - download the app today!

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