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Global Heart Journal Editor

World Heart Federation (WHF) is looking for an Editor-in-Chief for its official journal Global Heart. The mandate starts on 1 September 2018, for an initial three-year period, renewable twice. The mandate of the current Editor, Dr. Jagat Narula, ends on November 30, 2018.

About the position

Global Heart (GH) is the main scientific publication of WHF. It features peer-reviewed, scientific articles relevant to international CV health issues as well as practical, informative articles aimed at clinicians, non-physician extenders, epidemiologists, policy makers and social scientists. The Journal was reinitiated in 2011 by Dr. Narula and was duly included in PubMed National Library of Medicine. It publishes 4 quarterly issues every year, with 10-15 manuscripts in every issue. At least 2 issues are theme issues. The acceptance rate for the original manuscripts currently stands at 15%.

While preserving the editorial independence of the publication, the Editor reports to WHF Board through the WHF CEO and is responsible for the smooth running of the publication, for the quality of the content and for raising its profile as the flagship journal of WHF.

GH is published by Elsevier publishing house, which is responsible for its production, technical editing, marketing, subscriptions and financial reporting. The Editor is in regular contact with the Elsevier publication manager. Remuneration is based on the fixed amount agreed.

The main role of the Editor is to attract and select the best possible papers through an efficient and rigorous peer-review system. Manuscript submission, reviewing and handling is carried out through the Elsevier platform.

Editorial Policy

The new Editor will be expected to actively contribute to the content of GH by selecting appropriate original articles, commission review articles, editorials, and also publish WCC congress and events proceedings. The balance between clinical research and public health content would need to be maintained, avoiding the move into original basic research.

One of the missions of GH as the official publication of WHF is to publicize the activities of the Federation to a wider audience and reflect the international profile of WHF. It should be a flagship for WHF vision and activities: advocacy and development of policy, roadmaps, policy statements, congress abstracts, position papers, WHF activities promotion.

The editor would recommend his team of deputy and associate editors as agreed with the WHF; these editorial positions are expected to be voluntary positions.  In addition, a comprehensive board of advisors would be invited by the newly elected editor. The editorial advisors should be widely acclaimed, represent the geographical diversity of WHF membership as well as provide expertise on specific areas. The main role of the Editorial board would be to search for and attract interesting papers relevant to the audience and mission of the GH.

Expected skills and evaluation criteria

Evaluation is divided into categories: vision & strategy, quality, quantity, scheduling.

Vision & strategy

  1. Selecting content (or themes, if appropriate) in response to changes in the field and ensuring appropriate balance (taking into account readership needs, etc.).
  2. Selecting an editorial board with international representation (and representing the full range of the specialty).
  3. Collaborating with Elsevier and WHF office on business issues.
  4. Acting as an advocate for the Federation and the journal.
  5. Aiming to obtain a high impact factor.
  6. Dealing with author problems in line with established guidelines (such as COPE, IMJE), WHF bylaws and conflict of interest rules.
  7. Chairing editorial board meetings, involving editorial board in strategy implementation.
  8. Collaborating with WHF leadership on broader strategies.
  9. Keeping abreast of publishing trends, other journal models.
  10. Interacting with other in-society journals, other society/commercial journal editors.
  11. Recruiting/targeting new authors.


  1. Traceable peer review within manuscript submission system.
  2. Minimum of two peer reviewers per article (allowing for immediate reject, immediate accept for editorials, etc).
  3. Time to first decision for authors.
  4. Monitor performance of editorial board (speed/accuracy of handling manuscripts).
  5. Awareness of publication ethics guidelines, reporting guidelines, ICMJE, etc.
  6. Prompt correction of errata, author corrections.
  7. Target for publication lag time.
  8. Process for dealing with Editor’s own papers.


  1. Set maximum page allocation/number of articles.
  2. Set agreed flow of editorials, commissioned series, etc.
  3. Set agreed number of industry sponsored supplements (to be identified by the Editor).


  1. Content selected in a timely fashion as agreed with publisher.
  2. Providing timely response to author queries and publisher.
  3. Any working docs/strategy docs to be provided on time as agreed.

Application and selection procedure

The Search Committee will be composed of a chair and experts to be appointed by the Executive Committee. Direct applications or recommendations of individuals should be sent to the CEO (by email) by 5th February 2018. The Search Committee can approach individuals directly. Candidates do not need to receive the endorsement of their national associations but should be in good standing with it. Applications should include Curriculum Vitae, and a vision statement (2 pages maximum). The candidates who possess previous editorial experience as an editor or associate editor of a journal will be preferred.

Short-listed candidates may be invited for a phone interview or asked to make a presentation to the Search Committee at ACC2018 (10-12 March). The WHF Board will take the final decision at the WHF Board meeting 21st March 2018. The mandate will start officially on 1st September 2018, with a 3 month of an overlap period.

For further information, interested candidates may contact WHF CEO, Dr. Jean-Luc Eiselé, via email jeanluc.eisele@worldheart.org or phone +41 22 807 0330 (office) or +41 76 389 0202 (mobile).

Closing date for applications: 5th February 2018