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Care for Tiny Hearts

Care for Tiny Hearts 2019 is the eleventh edition of  its series for the Tiny Hearts of Maldives. Hulhumale Hospital was the host institution for the third consecutive year. Two visiting paediatric cardiologists from AIMS, Kochi, India consulted at the camp.

1. To ensure that children diagnosed with CHD receives the best possible care with in Maldives, including surgery follow up review without having to fly overseas.
2. Identify the need for early interventions and reassure parents and families and provide support for the families while ensuring the well-being of the kids.

After careful consideration 190 appointments were given based on priority and need. The remaining names were put in a waiting list. After the end of the registration period, calls that came through were put on waiting list according to priority and informed the process that will be followed if an appointment gets cancelled.

THM Team
A team of 27 volunteers were active during the camp period and along with the dedicated staffs of Hulhumale hospital the team worked tirelessly to achieve the goal for this year’s camp.

Additionally, five volunteers worked from the Office during the preparatory period to sort out the appointments and administrative work ahead of the Camp. Two CHD warriors also volunteered during the Camp which was a first time experience for them as well as the Organization. Volunteer’s tasks were pre-assigned at the briefing meeting held 1 week earlier and camp protocols were detailed during the meeting.

A member of the Board gave hands-on operational oversight through all stages of design and implementation of the Camp.

Camp days
THM ran a three day Camp from 10-12 March 2019, Sunday to Tuesday. A total of 190 patients were consulted at the Camp by the end of 3 days.

Twenty-six appointments were cancelled due to no show and inability to travel. However a few last minute requests and waiting list patients were accommodated during the camp depending on the severity of their need. A total of 98 patients traveled to the Camp from the Atolls, while 92 were from Greater Male’ area.

Seventy-seven patients were issued echo-cardiogram reports while 66 patients were screened without reports and the rest had recent echo-cardiograms (less than three months), hence no echo-cardiogram was done at the Camp. Additionally 11 ECGs were also done on doctors request.

By the end of the camp, nine patients were advised to review in less than 3 months’ time while 24, 94 and 19 patients were advised to review in six months, one year and two years’ time respectively. six patients were also advised to review in three years’ time or if any symptoms presents. Additionally 22 patients were classified as near normal (not requiring anymore cardiac follow up). 18 patients were identified as needing surgery or further interventions and advised accordingly.

Among those needing further interventions a priority list was made according to severity and time of intervention. Twelve patients were given the green light, meaning that they are ready for surgery or intervention (travel at their convenience but no later than 6 – 12 months time). Six patients were advised to follow up to do further evaluation before surgery planning. Rest of the patients will need an intervention when they reach a certain age or health status.

Fetal Heart Screening
A fetal Heart screening was not an official part of this year’s camp; however three high risk mothers were seen at the camp. No reports were issued, however, reassurance and counseling on way forward was provided.

Media Coverage
Event promotion started one week ahead of Camp dates and included four appearances on separate media outlets (Raajje TV, VTV, TVM and Dhivehi Raajeyge Adu), including  the national TV and Radio station. Media was led by a camp coordination team member and equal opportunities were given to Aasandha staff to promote the event as well.

During the camp several news outlets covered the event and a press statement was shared with them with the updated stats. Social media coverage was led by a team of dedicated volunteers and updated accordingly with the mention of supporters. Camp was visited by honored guests ranging from the Minister of Health, WHO Representative to the Maldives, and Managing Director of Aasandha.


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