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Member Spotlight: Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation

The Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation’s vision is a world free from heart-lung disease. Research provides more time to live.

The Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation (Hjärt – Lungfonden) has a long and interesting history. The organization was founded in 1904 under the name of the Swedish National Association against Tuberculosis. Today, they are working to defeat the most critical diseases of our time – heart and lung diseases.

Photo credit: Hjärt – Lungfonden

The Foundation organized its first fundraising event selling Christmas badges…Early diagnoses, mass vaccination and raising awareness on hygiene eventually resulted in the eradication of Tuberculosis. The fight against Tuberculosis in Sweden was successful! Today, the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation is fighting against the major diseases of our time: heart, lung and vascular diseases.

Since its establishment 115 years ago, the foundation has achieved a lot. Their researches saved over 150,000 lives.

Today’s advanced heart care is the result of countless hours of research. Thanks to SCAPIS programme (Swedish CardioPulmonary BioImage Study), a world-wide knowledge bank established in six university hospitals across Sweden, scientists get a unique material to work with. The goal is that with a simple blood sample to be able to see if a person will suffer from heart, vascular or lung disease. The project provides fantastic opportunities for new research breakthroughs.

Photo credit: Hjärt – Lungfonden

This August, the Foundation organized a press activity around the current research on simplified CPR with compression, with great success in press, radio and TV, counting nearly 6.5 million readers/viewers in the country and numerous mentions in the national press/radio/TV and all over the social media channels.

This year, the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation is proud to be have received two nominations in the Swedish Design award for two videos:

Everybody can save lives


Maja’s story


If you want to find out more about their extraordinary work, visit their website and follow them on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.