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Member Spotlight: The National Association of Cardiologists of Mexico

The National Association of Cardiologists of Mexico C.A. (ANCAM – Asociación Nacional de Cardiólogos de México) was born out of the enthusiasm of a group that identified the need for a forum in which professionals from different cardiology schools in Mexico could share their knowledge, projects, achievements and experiences.

Since its inception, the fundamental task has been to promote study for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, by bringing together the professional of national and international cardiology and related areas for the exchange of information and experiences, which contribute to the evolution of cardiology in our country.

At ANCAM, there is a firm commitment to the exercise of the profession, the development of research, participation in teaching and the promotion of strategies aimed at the prevention, diagnosis and timely treatment of cardiovascular disease, and thus, influence the decrease the impact of cardiovascular disease and promote a better quality of life in the Mexican population.

Each administration headed by its president has established collaborative alliances with other national and international societies, as well as with the pharmaceutical and biotech equipment industry. These alliances have allowed the development of specialized projects where good marketing practices are combined with the development of continuous medical education activities with the participation of cardiology leaders from our country and international.

The history of the organizations goes back to November 1983 when the National Association of Graduate Cardiologists of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (ANCEIMSS) was founded.

In 1989, with the intention of implementing a medium of scientific communication and formal diffusion, the Mexican Journal of Cardiology (today’s Cardiovascular and Metabolic Science – the official journal of ANCAM) emerged.

Attached to its inclusive philosophy, in 1994 the modification of the name of the Association was submitted for consideration, in order to integrate all the professionals of cardiology in Mexico, and by majority the name that currently distinguishes it was accepted: National Association of Cardiologists of Mexico.

ANCAM has great strength through the 24 Chapters that integrate it, which are defined by sub-specialty that, taken together, allow interdisciplinary work of a high academic level, which is reflected in continuing medical education courses, both face to face and in electronic format, books, guides, recommendations and positions, among others.

Particular relevance was registered in the biennium 1991-1992, when creating the Chapters of Nursing and Therapists in Cardiac Rehabilitation, as well as the Constitution of the subsidiary Societies: Society of Interventional Cardiology of Mexico and the National Association of Residents of Clinical and Surgical Cardiology. It should be noted that there are currently 11 affiliated Societies belonging to different cardiology sub-specialties and to Cardiology Residents and Fellows.

Another milestone in the history of ANCAM is the creation of the chapter Initiative for the Heart of Women focused on recognizing the importance of cardiovascular risk factors among women as well as promoting a healthier life that results in more women free of cardiovascular disease, since at the moment they represent the first cause of death in Mexico.

The committed work of the different Boards of Directors achieved an unprecedented fact: The Heart House (La Casa del Corazón), the first in Latin America, inaugurated in 2015. It is considered an independent, impartial space, where a multitude of cardiological and related organizations coexist. This enhances efforts with modern offices, a meeting room and an auditorium for scientific and cultural meetings that allow the broadcasting of events, both at headquarters and remotely transmitted.

Significant is the motto of ANCAM: Prevention is our goal (Prevenir es nuestra meta), with it, the echo is sought in medical society and in the community in general to promote cardiovascular health and publicize warning symptoms in acute situations. In this way, health education is promoted to seek timely medical attention.

One way to culminate the academic work of each administration is the National Congress of Cardiology, which is held every two years. Through the organization of pre-congress courses, breakfasts with the experts, workshops, lectures and symposiums, it becomes an excellent forum for updating the country’s cardiological community. Specialists from the different branches of clinical cardiology, echocardiography, cardiovascular imaging, interventionalists, cardiovascular rehabilitation, cardiovascular surgery, and nursing, among others, participate in. The presentation of free papers and prizes for the best research papers is also promoted, which includes young cardiologists and nursing professionals.

ANCAM is a young Association, which with the commitment and hard work of those who have led it for 35 years, shows the position it has at the national level. It is an inclusive and highly professional association that works for its membership and community. At the international level, it has reached collaboration agreements with prestigious cardiological societies, which has favored the exchange of knowledge and experiences to develop research projects and continuing medical education. Currently, ANCAM ratifies once again its commitment to medicine and society. This can be observed by their presence in different forums and pronouncements that stimulate the participation of Cardiology.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, ANCAM has worked in collaboration with important cardiological societies in the country and has published prevention information for the population.

ANCAM proudly works within the framework of two premises: a renowned membership and a better quality of life for the Mexican population.