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Member spotlight: Tiny Hearts of Maldives

This story begins ten years ago, following the loss of a little soul whose tiny heart was too fragile for this world.

Ten years ago, Hishmath Faiz and Ali Muaz were blessed with their first child, a beautiful baby boy named Keyaan. In his parents eyes, he was perfect, but shortly after his birth, Keyaan was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease. Because cardiac treatment was limited at in Maldives at the time, he had to be transferred to India to undergo lifesaving surgery. Following an initial recovery, Keyaan passed away at the tender age of only two and a half months.

One year later, in 2009, Hishmath and Muaz, together with friends and family, founded Tiny Hearts of Maldives with the aim of saving the lives of children suffering from heart disease. Their son’s experience made them understand the critical need to raise awareness about various congenital and heart conditions which affect new-borns, infants and young children in the Maldives.

Photo credit: THE EDITION and Tiny Hearts of Maldives

“Our first parental experience made us determined to prevent other families from experiencing the kind of suffering that we went through”, said Muaz, Co-Founder of Tiny Hearts of Maldives.

Today, the organization has 535 members and reached several milestones across each of its three programmes:

Care For Tiny Hearts is an annual medical camp that facilitates free consultations, echocardiography sessions, and fetal screenings for high-risk pregnant women.

Save A Tiny Heart provides logistical and financial support to patients requiring care and treatment for CHD including prenatal care and assisting towards planned deliveries.

Healthy Heart Programme promotes the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles, targeting the general population and children.

Photo credit: Tiny Hearts of Maldives

For the last two years, Tiny Hearts of Maldives have been one of our biggest supporters of World Heart Day. Their inspiring photographs and commitment – from incredible illuminations and crowds forming hearts, to children making their promises to live heart-healthy lives – have made a huge impact on social media and helped to spread awareness of CVD.

THM celebrating World Heart Day
Photo credit: Tiny Hearts of Maldives

Since they joined WHF, Tiny Hearts of Maldives have been able to share their story and promote their work on the global stage by participating in our World Heart Day campaign and attending the World Congress of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Health in Dubai, including the first WHF Meet & Share Forum. The Forum, which was specifically designed for foundations like Tiny Hearts of Maldives, gave them the opportunity to share their experiences and discuss challenges and solutions with other organizations working to improve heart health around the world.

If you want to find out more about their extraordinary work, visit their website and follow them on Twitter @TinyHeartsMV and Facebook @TinyheartsMV.

Meet the tiny team behind all the big ambitions, from left to right; Dr. Aseel, Mua, Limya, Hishko, Maee, Maai and Rishmy