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The National Heart Foundation of Australia announces a new relationship to help raise awareness of women’s heart health

Left to right: Adj Prof John Kelly, CEO National Heart Foundation of Australia; Debby Blakey, CEO HESTA Super Fund


The CEO of our member, the National Heart Foundation of Australia (also known as the Heart Foundation) Adjunct Professor John Kelly visited the World Heart Federation (WHF) in our offices during the World Health Assembly in May.

During his stay he spoke to us about multiple inspiring initiatives focused on heart health that the Heart Foundation is embarking in, notably amongst them the Health Employees Superannuation Trust Australia (HESTA) and the Heart Foundation agreement. They will work together in 2018 with a focus on heart health to further strengthen awareness and understanding of key health challenges facing Australians.  The agreement supports and aligns with the One Heart strategy focused on pillars of prevention, support & research.

According to Adj Prof Kelly this initiative focusing on women is highly relevant because: “We know that women are more likely to look after other people’s health than their own. Very few people know that women have poorer health outcomes after a heart attack, and are more likely than men to die from a heart attack.” We applaud this unique and engaging initiative for women’s heart health.

Read the press release about the initiative

Watch the video discussing the NHF’s decision to work alongside HESTA to raise awareness of heart disease among women