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Go Red for Women

The campaign

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The campaign

Go Red for Women is an international awareness campaign dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and control of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in women. The American Heart Association created the Go Red for Women campaign in 2004 to empower women with the knowledge and tools to take charge of their heart health. The World Heart Federation, together with its members, has taken the campaign global to raise awareness of the fact that heart disease and stroke is their number one killer.

The symbol of the campaign is a red dress: the dress as a universal women’s image and red as the colour of health, life and vibrancy but also of warning.

In short, it is not a red dress – it’s a red alert!

The objectives

The campaign aims to encourage women to take care of their hearts, increase attention of medical professionals on CVD in women and prompt governments and policy-makers to bring this topic high on their health agenda.

The activities

More than 50 countries are now running a Go Red for Women national campaign, raising awareness and funds to fight heart disease and stroke through the organization of fashion shows, heart health checks, sports events, or by running information campaigns and lobbying their governments.

Find out what our members are doing

More than 50 countries are running a campaign to fight CVD in women: find out about their campaign and discover their activities.

In the Americas

Argentina: Argentine Heart Foundation & Argentine Society of Cardiology

The Argentine Heart Foundation, together with the Society of Cardiology, is running many activities in the media, public areas, shopping centers and hospitals to disseminate the message of their “Corazòn y Mujer” programme.

“Corazòn y Mujer” activities in Argentina include:

  • Conferences (in schools, shopping centers & hospitals)
  • Interviews on TV
  • Publications in newspapers & magazines
  • Website
  • Awareness survey
  • In 2012, they launched the campaign “El corazón de una mujer puede romperse EN SERIO” (“A woman’s heart can be broken SERIOUSLY”), with the support of many celebrities.

View the spot of the campaign “El corazón de una mujer puede romperse EN SERIO”, read the press release and listen to Dr Florencia Rolandi explaining why preventing CVD in women is critical.

Find out more on www.facebook.com/TuCorazonEnSerio or www.fundacioncardiologica.org

Barbados: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Barbados launched its Go Red for Women campaign in 2012 and organized a first “Red Dress Gala” in February. Representatives of the authorities, “red ambassadors” and many other people gathered for this fundraising gala where they could enjoy dinner, learn about cardiovascular disease in women thanks to awareness messages displayed around the venue and discover an exhibition of red dresses.
Building on the success of this first event, the Heart and Stroke Foundation organized a second Red Dress Gala in February 2013, under the theme of “real women with heart disease”.

Listen to Gina Pits, CEO, talking about their gala: http://www.youtube.com/user/HSFBarbados

Find out more on: www.hsfbarbados.org

Brazil: Rio Grande do Sul Cardiology Society

The Heart disease in women department of the Rio Grande do Sul Cardiology Society started its official campaign to fight CVD in women in 2011. After several years of raising awareness on women and CVD during meetings and conferences and with the creation of a Heart disease in women department, the Society is developing its “A mulher no vermelho” campaign. The campaign’s aim is to disseminate the important message that: “Women die from CVD more than from cancer, we must change this reality”.

Activities in Rio Grande do Sul include:

  • Organization of a symposium on Cardiology for women (I Simpósio de Cardiologia da Mulher do DCM da SOCERGS, 6 August 2011). During this symposium, red dresses were put on display in a mall.
  • Awareness survey
  • Conferences and meetings on healthy lifestyles
  • Newsletters, articles and interviews in the media
  • Information on website

Find out more on SOCERGS website 

Chile: Chilean Society of Cardiology

The Chilean Society of Cardiology and its campaign “Mujeres en rojo” are raising awareness in communities and in scientific meetings on the fact that “Cardiovascular disease is the main killer of women in Chile”.

Their Go Red for Women activities include:

Find out more on www.mujeresenrojo.cl 

Colombia: Colombian Society of Cardiology & Colombian Heart Foundation

The Colombian Society of Cardiology and the Colombian Heart Foundation are raising awareness on the burden of cardiovascular disease in women by conducting awareness surveys, compiling data on CVD in women and advertising the results of their research. In September 2011, a “Women’s hearts race” took place in Bogota.

Since May 2012, they have officially joined the Go Red for Women movement and several events are planned for 2013, including a fashion show in Bogota.

Find out more on www.scc.org.co and www.corazonesresponsables.org

Dominican Republic: Centro de Obesidad y Enfermedades Cardiovasculares y la Fundación Dominicana de Obesidad y Prevención Cardiovascular, with the support of the Dominican Society of Cardiology

The “De Rojo por la mujer” campaign in Dominican Republic is running many activities to educate women and empower them with the knowledge and the tools to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Go Red for Women activities in Dominican Republic include:

  • Annual heart walks (“Caminata del corazòn”)
  • Conferences
  • Celebration of Wear Red Day
  • Screening
  • Promoting “De Rojo por la Mujer”in public areas
  • Website and presence on TV and radio (more than 100 appearances since 2009)
  • Distribution of posters and flyers

Find out more on www.derojoporlamujer.org

Ecuador: Ecuadorian Society of Cardiology

Together with the International University of Ecuador, the Ecuadorian Society of Cardiology has organized conferences and presentations, and distributed materials to raise awareness of women and cardiovascular disease.


In September 2012, they launched their official Go Red for Women campaign and produced 2 videos to raise awareness on women and heart disease among the population. The media campaign in the press and on television has been accompanied by activities in medical centers, associations and private companies. More than 2000 physicians are engaged in the programme, and almost 10’000 people participated to activities.


View the video on children here and the main video here

Read the letter advertising the launch

Learn more about the activities organized during World Hypertension Day 2013


In 2017, the Ecuadorian Society of Cardiology released a Nutrition Consensus report entitled “Now it’s my turn”, which culminated in a parade of women who, having been ill, overcame their health problems. They presented a testimony of their experiences to the public.


The Consensus was organized by the Chapter of Cardiopathy of Women of the Ecuadorian Society of Cardiology, as part of the cardiovascular prevention awareness campaigns, for which it was supported by the Go Red for Women movement.


The event, held in Guayaquil-Ecuador, last Wednesday, April 12, 2017, had the participation of 4 nutritionists and 2 cardiologists, who discussed food issues, in addition to the collaboration of a private company, which shared their products with attendees. Participants were also given printed information on how to improve their health.


Learn more about the 2017 event


In 2017, the Ecuadorian Society of Cardiology also launched a campaign to promote the 7 metrics to achieve cardiovascular health in women and conducted a women’s cardiopathy symposium at the XXII Ecuadorian Congress of Cardiology, with the theme ‘Diagnosis of Ischemic Cardiopathy in Women’.

Guatemala: Guatemalan Association of Cardiology

The Guatemalan Association of Cardiology is spreading the message that “cardiovascular risks are very high for women” among healthcare professionals. They disseminate this information at conferences and on their website. In 2009, they organized a national “Go Red for Women” congress, focusing on women and CVD with a walk in the city. For their 2011 and 2012 National Congress of Cardiology, Go Red for Women was also represented through activities such as a “Wear red day” – see the pictures on their Facebook page.
The Guatemalan Association of Cardiology is also disseminating their health message in the population through interviews on radio and television.

Find out more on www.agcardio.org

Jamaica: The Heart Foundation of Jamaica

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica and its Go Red for Women campaign are raising awareness in communities and in the media to help women understand their risks for heart disease.

Their Go Red for Women activities include:

  • Distribution of material and promotion in public areas
  • Selling of pin’s
  • A “Go Red Day” where people are encouraged to wear red
  • Health checks
  • Advertising in the media

Find out more on www.heartfoundation.org.jm

Trinidad and Tobago: The Trinidad and Tobago Heart Foundation

The Trinidad and Tobago Heart Foundation launched their Go Red for Women campaign with a “Red Dress Ball” in November 2014. The first lady attended the event as patron, together with the President of Trinidad and Tobago. Series of public lectures from cardiologists and other related medical professionals are also taken place every month in Trinidad and Tobago to help spread awareness about cardiovascular disease in women.

Find out more on: http://www.ttheartfoundation.org/

United States: American Heart Association

The American Heart Association, who created the Go Red for Women campaign in 2004, has developed a great network of more than one million women supporting their cause. They have built a strong presence in both the media and the general population, with coverage in many TV shows, a “City Go Red” programme, celebrity spokespersons, support to the research on women and cardiovascular disease, etc.
Through the Go Red BetterU programme, the American Heart Association is offering a coaching tool with a 12-week online nutrition and fitness program providing step-by-step guidance.

Find out more on www.goredforwomen.org

View AHA Go Red for Women video Just a Little Heart Attack

Read the press release about their 2012 awareness survey

In Asia, the Middle East & Australia

Asia Pacific Heart Network

The Asia Pacific Heart Network (APHN), our continental member in Asia, is planning to start a Go Red for Women campaign in Japan.

Follow the latest updates on www.aphn.info

Australia: National Heart Foundation of Australia

The Heart Foundation Australia organizes many Go Red for Women activities across Australia to empower women with the knowledge and tools to take care of their hearts, including:

  • Movie nights
  • Runs and walks
  • Diffusion of a viral email and production of material including a Go Red DVD
  • Activities to celebrate a Go Red for Women day
  • Population Awareness survey conducted annually since 2009: currently 36% of the population is aware that heart disease is the leading cause of death for women
  • Promotion, especially through social media, and website
  • Media partnership
  • Publications such as a “Women and heart disease: Cardiovascular profile of women in Australia” – access the report here
  • A “Women and Heart Disease Forum” – access the report here
  • Lunches inviting high profile women from a business sector to learn about the campaign and encourage them to raise awareness about women and CVD
  • In 2011 and 2012, the Foundation organized a 10 weeks “Healthy Heart Challenge” to encourage women to improve their heart health
  • In 2012, “Go Red Ten for Ten” events took place in seven shopping centers from May to July, encouraging women to take a pledge to visit their GP to discuss their heart health: “take 10 seconds for yourself and give 10 years to your family”
  • In 2014, the entire month of June was focused on going red (anyway possible) and raising funds by:
    • In stadium activities during major national football games
    • Partnership with a make-up company to offer makeover days and have half of the proceeds go towards the Heart Foundation
    • Promotion of the online store to ‘shop red’
  • In 2017, the Foundation made a pledge for action, committing to challenge science in calling for more gender representation and analysis in medical trials to understand the subtle, but significant sex differences that exist in heart disease. They also called to see more recognition of gender differences in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease; more women enrolling in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses; and more representation of women in senior levels of medicine. Find out more more here.

Find out more on http://goredforwomen.org.au/

Bangladesh: Eminence

Eminence joined the Go Red for Women movement in Summer 2012 and has organized various activities to raise awareness on CVD in Bangladeshi women:

  • Distribution of material on women and CVD
  • Writing editorials about women and CVD in national newspapers
  • Organizeing fashion shows
  • Presentations and talks with heart disease survivors
  • Distribution of information and red flowers to female members of the Parliament
  • Partnership with a health care provider to provide low-cost cardiac screening to women from the slums

Find out more on Eminence Go Red for Women webpage

China: China Heart Federation

In October, 2017, the China Heart Federation held an event at the Beijing Continental Grand Hotel that included a luncheon, charity clinics and group exercises.


For more information, click here to download the PDF the event.

India: All-India Heart Foundation

The All-India Heart Foundation started a “Red Brigade” in Delhi in 2006 to increase awareness of  heart disease and stroke in women and take action to prevent them. This initiative took a new step during World Heart Day 2009 when many women became “group leaders” and constituted a permanent group to fight cardiovascular disease in women under Go Red for Women. The All India Heart Foundation actions to prevent heart disease and stroke in women include free check-ups.

Indonesia: Indonesian Heart Foundation

The Indonesian Heart Foundation and its “Perempuan Waspadalah” Go Red for Women campaign organize many activities in Indonesia to raise awareness on the dangers of CVD and to encourage women to protect their hearts by adopting an healthy lifestyle:

  • Fashion shows and red dresses during the fashion week
  • Exhibitions and activities such as screenings in mall
  • “Healthy Heart talks” in a mall
  • Healthy cooking show
  • Partnerships with media group and celebrity
  • Events such as a “Hearts go tango” evening
  • Sports activities (walks and bike)
  • Poetry reading
  • Promotion in the press
  • Distribution of material and website

Find out more on: www.facebook.com/YayasanJantungIndonesia

Malaysia: Heart Foundation of Malaysia

The Heart Foundation of Malaysia started their Go Red for Women campaign in 2008.


Since then their efforts have included:

  • Programs and activities focusing on reaching women in rural areas as well as suburbs outside the urban centers
  • Programs focusing on creating a healthy environment at home and work
  • functions with small business to fundraise
  • September 2014 they held a family carnival promoting CVD in women that included:cooking and CVD triavia games for women
    • cycling and traditional Malaysian games for men to gain their involvement in spreading awareness
    • drawing and CVD trivia games for children where they could win prizes
    • CPR demonstration
    • Healthy heart blood tests to check BMI, sugar level, and cholesterol
    • Physician and dietary consultation


In 2017, the Heart Foundation of Malaysia celebrated International Women’s Day (8 March) with a special Go Red For Women campaign.


More than 300 women from all walks of life participated in the program. The activities started at 8.15 in the morning with Heart Health Screening on Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure checking and Body Mass Index (BMI). 178 participants participated in the Heart Health Screening.


The first talk on “diet and food for women” was given by Mrs Mary Easaw, who is the Chief Dietetic and Dietician at the Malaysia Heart Institute.


The second set speakers, Ms Tan Sri, Dato’ Seri, Dr Robaayah Zambahari (Cardiologist at the Heart Institute of Malaysia), talked about what heart disease is all about.


The closing ceremony was conducted by the Director General of Women Affairs Department, Ministry of Women, Dato’ Yatimah, with a ceremonial cutting of traditional two tiered yellow rice for Almighty Blessings in celebration of International Women’s Day and Go Red For Women.


In Malaysia, the Awareness Program for Cardiovascular Disease is ongoing throughout the year, for example through heart health screenings activities for the community at large.

Find out more about their Go Red activities: https://www.facebook.com/YayasanJantungMalaysia

Malaysia: Sarawak Heart Foundation

The Sarawak Heart Foundation is running Go Red for Women activities to educate women and raise awareness on the dangers of cardiovascular disease. They regularly organized health screenings for women as well as other activities such as dance events.

Read more about the 2011 health screening here

Find out more on www.sarawakheartfoundation.org.my

Nepal: Nepal Heart Foundation

The Nepal Heart Foundation organizes many Go Red for Women activities with its regional branches in Nepal to raise awareness on women and cardiovascular disease, including:

  • Production of pamphlets and posters to be distributed and placed in public places
  • Presentations to raise awareness among women
  • Bi-monthly publications in a newspaper
  • Survey
  • Financial support to deprived heart patients
  • Support from celebrities

New Zealand: National Heart Foundation of New Zealand

The National Heart Foundation of New Zealand and its Go Red for Women campaign organizes many activities to raise awareness and educate women on the lifestyle changes they can make to reduce their risk of heart disease:

  • A Go Red for Women month
  • “Breakfast tour”: awareness and fundraising breakfasts with presentations on women and heart disease, testimonies from survivors, etc. around the country
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Sport activities such as a walk on Mother’s day
  • Awareness surveys
  • Website with healthy recipes, personal stories, information on CVD, etc

Find out more on: www.goredforwomen.org.nz

Russia: Russian Society of Cardiology

The Russian Society of Cardiology organized a flashmob at the Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Centre in St.Petersburg.

Singapore: Singapore Heart Foundation

The Singapore Heart Foundation launched its Go Red for Women campaign in 2005 and has since then organized many activities encouraging women to take care of their heart, including:


  • Cooking workshops with demonstration of healthy cooking by famous chefs, talks about nutrition and health screenings
  • Sport activities
  • “Picnic day” with healthy food, concert, screenings, etc.
  • Conferences for healthcare professionals and the public
  • Wear red day
  • In 2014 SHF hosted an annual Go Red for Women Symposium and Luncheon themed “Eat.Drink.Be Healthy”. Guest of honor and speakers included Senior Minister of State, Minister of Health, Ministry of Manpower, cardiologists, and occupational therapists.
  • Red dress competition: local fashion designers created red dresses and people could vote for their favorite dress
  • Health checks
  • Awareness survey
  • Website
  • By partnering with Deutsche Bank in 2014, SHF spread awareness through their Wear Red Day and raised $11,000 to help provide treatment for underprivileged women suffering from cardiovascular disease
  • In 2017, SHF celebrated Go Red For Women through a fundraising event at the Edward Lifesciences offices in Singapore, a “Go Red For Women Roadshow”, and a “Healthy Mummy, Health Family Symposium 2017”. Find out more


Find out more on www.goredforwomen.sg 

Taiwan, China: Taiwan Heart Foundation

The Taiwan Heart Foundation started their Go Red for Women campaign during World Heart Day 2011, with a press conference and a fair. Many activities have been organized in Taipei and Taichung, including health checkups, advice to women, patients sharing their stories, competitions with prizes or a bicycle tour.

Thailand: The Heart Association of Thailand

The Heart Association of Thailand started a Go Red for Women campaign during World Heart Day 2011. They organized activities for women focused on diet and exercise, including Chi Kong exercises and health check-up.

Find out more on: www.thaiheart.org

United Arab Emirates: Emirates Cardiac Society

The Emirates Cardiac Society is running Go Red for Women activities in shopping centres to raise awareness of women and cardiovascular disease.

Their activities include:

  • Distribution of educational material
  • Health check-ups (body mass index, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol)
  • Advice from healthcare professionals
  • “Red dress gallery” with red dresses from designers

The Deira City Center mall in Dubai won a CSR award for its support to the Go Red for Women campaign: read the press release here.

Find out more on www.emiratescardiac.com

In Africa

Ghana: Ghana Society of Hypertension and Cardiology

The Ghana Society of Hypertension and Cardiology started its Go Red for Women campaign in September 2012 with a first event organized for the legal profession at the Ghana Bar conference. The Go Red for Women campaign and messages have been profiled, participants went for a healthy walk and they had the opportunity to get screened for high blood pressure and blood sugar.

Find out more on: www.goredforwomeninghana.org 

Kenya: Kenyan-Heart National Foundation and Kenya Cardiac Society

For World Heart Day 2017, Kenyan Heart and the Kenya Cardiac Society carried out a Medican Camp, including a 5km walk and a children’s poem recital on rheumatic heart disease.


In 2011, the Kenyan-Heart National Foundation launched a national Go Red for Women campaign and organized a first event on 29 July 2011. The strategy as well as the key aspects of the campaign were presented to the audience, who could test their level of risk and find detailed information on healthy food, physical activity or fitness within the exhibition that was set up for the occasion.


Find out more

Libya: Libyan Cardiac Society

The Libyan Cardiac Society has started a Go Red for Women campaign in 2011.

They are disseminating information on women and heart disease among healthcare professionals and government bodies as well as in the media. In 2012, they partnered with gynecologists and obstetricians to maximize the chances of identifying women at risks.

Nigeria: Nigerian Heart Foundation

The Nigerian Heart Foundation launched its Go Red for Women campaign in 2010 to raise awareness on women and heart disease.

Their Go Red for Women activities include:

  • Fashion show
  • Concert
  • Screenings
  • “Heart walk”
  • Dinner with celebrities
  • Press conference
  • Distribution of material (T Shirts, leaflets, viral email etc.)

Find out more on: www.nigerianheart.org

South Africa: South Africa Heart and Stroke Foundation

The Go Red for Women programme of the South Africa Heart and Stroke Foundation organizes various activities to raise awareness and promote heart health among women. In 2011 and in association with the Business Women’s Association (BWA) and Virgin Life Care, the South Africa Heart and Stroke Foundation launched its first wellness programme, My Red Dress Quest!

My Red Dress Quest is a 4 month health challenge which aims to engage BWA members on heart health matters for them to take heed of their individual cardiovascular risk profile and encourage them to make simple, manageable changes to their lifestyle.
A My Red Dress Quest survey was completed by a pool of BWA members and 8 women were selected from this pool. During 4 months, they received health coaching, regular health testing, expert nutritional advice and participated in a number of prize winning challenges to motivate and assist them in reaching their individual health goals.
At the end of the journey, one woman was named Go Red for Women’s Heart Health Achiever for 2011 and all participants were acknowledged as Champions of Change at a Gala Dinner on the 27th of August 2011.

Visit www.goredforwomen.co.za for more information on Go Red for Women and My Red Dress Quest

In Europe

Austria: Austrian Heart Foundation

In 2011, the Austrian Heart Foundation developed a “proWomen” project to help prevent cardiovascular disease in women.

On 14 June 2012, the Austria Heart Foundation participated to the “Vienna Shopping Night”, an event during which fashion shops stayed open during the night, a fashion show was organized as well as a charity auction. This event was run under the slogan “Women’s Heart Health” and the funds raised through the auction and the selling of shopping bags was donated to the Austria Heart Foundation for the “proWomen project” in Austria.

Learn more about the event:  www.herzfonds.at/vienna_fashion_night.html

Find out more on ProWomen: www.herzfonds.at/prowomen.html

Finland: The Finnish Heart Association

The Finnish Heart Association and its campaign “PuNainen” are encouraging women to “take the time to take care of themselves and listen to themselves”.

Their Go Red for Women activities include:

  • Advertising tips for a healthy lifestyle
  • Sharing heart-healthy recipes and tips for easy ways of exercising
  • Celebrating Wear Red Day, (Sept. 9, 2011) with a radio campaign
  • Website with a “wall” where women can share their “red” activities of the day

Hungary: Hungarian National Heart Foundation

The Hungarian National Heart Foundation is running a “Pirosban A Nökért” campaign among the public and healthcare professionals to fight against cardiovascular disease in women.

Their Go Red for Women activities include:

  • A “wear red day” featuring red dresses designed by local fashion designers
  • Lighting of buildings in red
  • Scientific sessions on women and CVD
  • Events such as a salsa class in a public location or an exhibition on heart-healthy habits in the centre of the capital
  • Distribution of heart-healthy cookbooks and other material
  • Website
  • In 2011, a poster exhibition took place in Budapest to promote healthy habits by showing pictures of unhealthy versus healthy behaviours

Find out more on: www.pirosbananokert.hu

Iceland: Icelandic Heart Association

The Icelandic Heart Association is running a “Go Red for Women” campaign to increase awareness among women and healthcare professionals of the threat that CVD represents.

Their Go Red for Women activities are organized in cooperation with the Heart Patient Organization and the Stroke Patient Organization and they include:

  • Social events (such as a “Go Red” event at Reykjavik City Hall, with the support of the former Minister of Health and ambassador of the campaign Ingibjörg Pálmadóttir)
  • Walks
  • Fashion show (participants in the show have included children and teenagers with heart disease and celebrities such as members of parliament, city council and famous athletes and coaches).
  • Blood pressure screenings in a shopping mall
  • Conferences and presentations on women and CVD
  • Distribution of educational material
  • Awareness survey
  • Website

Find out more on: www.gored.is

Ireland: Irish Heart Foundation

The Irish Heart Foundation is running a “Go Red for Women” campaign and organizing many activities during the “Irish Heart Month” in September, including:

  • Walks
  • Distribution of promotion material in hospitals, pharmacies, workplaces, etc.
  • Health checks
  • Publication of a Go Red magazine

Find out more on: www.irishheart.ie

Ireland: Croí, the West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation

Croí, the West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation, launched their Women at Heart campaign in 2013.

Their women’s campaign efforts have included:

  • Women’s fitness flash mob
  • Public health talks
  • Fundraising fashion show
  • Women’s blood pressure and pulse check in multiple cities
  • Media and radio advertising
  • Press releases
  • Encouragement for women to participate in mini marathons
  • Distribution of women’s awareness shirts at events
  • Celebrity ambassador

Find out more on: https://www.croi.ie/women-heart

Italy: Italian Heart Foundation

The Italian Heart Foundation is running a “Red Dress Italia” campaign among women, healthcare professionals, authorities and media to spread the message that CVD is the number 1 killer of women in the world.

Many of their Go Red for Women activities take place during the Milan Fashion Week and they include:

  • Charity dinners – view an example here
  • Health checks and medical counseling
  • Fashion competition with red dresses and accessories created by young designers
  • Award for researchers in the field of prevention of CVD in women
  • Distribution of educational material
  • Videos and advertising
  • Press conferences
  • Lobbying
  • Website
  • The Italian Heart Foundation is promoting and organizing conferences on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases addressed to the population, in collaboration with the most important centers and hospitals in Italy

Find out more on: www.reddressitalia.it

Latvia: Latvian Society of Cardiology

The Latvian Society of Cardiology launched its Go Red for Women campaign in 2011 and organized a first event in March 2011. With the support of many national celebrities, they organized a conference and a photo exhibition on Go Red for Women, with red dresses created by designers.

In 2012, their campaign focused on healthcare professionals, with a conference about women and CVD for hospital staff.

Read the Heart Beat article about the launch

Find out more on: www.kardiologija.lv

Lithuania: Lithuanian Heart Association

The Lithuanian Heart Association started a national Go Red for Women campaign in 2011 to make women aware that cardiovascular disease is the number 1 killer of women.

Their Go Red for Women activities include:

  • A charity concert with speeches on women and CVD, a gala dinner and presentation of red dresses
  • Distribution of educational material
  • Advertising in the media
  • Website with heart-health tips

Find out more on: www.raudonasuknele.lt

Netherlands: Netherlands Heart Foundation

In 2010, the Netherlands Heart Foundation started the “We hebben je hart nodig” campaign among the general public, healthcare professionals and in the media to spread the message that cardiovascular disease is the number 1 killer of women. Their activities included a media campaignsports events such as 30 cardiologists cycling from Amsterdam to the European Congress of Cardiology in Stockholm, fundraising activities, or social media campaigns including a “Facebook session” with cardiologists answering questions from women live.
Since then and for their Red Dress campaign, the Netherlands Heart Foundation organizes a Dress Red Day in September every year, in celebration of which all women in the Netherlands are asked to wear red and show that they care for their heart. In 2012, Dress Red Day was linked to World Heart Day and was a big success for the Foundation, its volunteers and partners: awareness amongst the women target groups raised tremendously and Dress Red activities were held throughout the country. Through a Facebook fan base of over 60.000 people, the Netherlands Heart Foundation continues to raise awareness on CVD in women around the year.
The Foundation also works closely with healthcare professionals to improve the care for heart disease in women, gives information about the topic and stimulates more research in women.

Find out more on:www.hartstichting.nl

Norway: Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organization

The Norwegian Heart and Lung Patient Organization is encouraging women to “Take responsibility for their own health”.

Their women activities include:

  • Distribution of material
  • Encouraging women to wear the Go Red pins when going to the doctor and ask to get screened
  • Awareness survey
  • Website

Find out more on: www.hjertelighilsen.no

Poland: Polish Cardiac Society

The Polish Cardiac Society and its working group on heart disease and women are organizing activities to raise awareness on women and cardiovascular disease among cardiologists.

In September 2011, they organized sessions focusing on women and CVD during the 14th International Congress of radiation research.

Find out more on: www.kobiety.ptkardio.pl

Portugal: Portuguese Heart Foundation with Peres and Partners

The Portuguese Heart Foundation and Peres and Partners are running a “Mulheres de Vermelho” campaign to encourage women to take care of their heart.

Their activities include:

  • Gala dinners with fashion show
  • Gulf tournament
  • Lunch with celebrities ambassadors to promote a healthy diet (the Mediterranean Diet)
  • Books with healthy recipes
  • PR activities on radio and TV, including 2 days with extensive coverage on the national radio on March 2012
  • A wear red day
  • Website

Romania: Romanian Heart Foundation

The Romanian Heart Foundation started their Go Red for Women campaign in October 2014. Their efforts to raise awareness started in National Congress of Cardiology where they spread awareness through:

  • Go Red advertisements in the Congress Programme and bags
  • Red dress materials and posters
  • Scientific session dedicated to CVD for women and lectures about CVD risk factors
  • Cross country race where they gave out Go Red t-shirts
  • Social media postings and press releases
  • Thematic modern dance on Go Red for Women
  • Red dress fashion show

Find out more about the Romanian Heart Foundation: http://www.romanianheart.ro/en/

Russia: Society of Cardiology of the Russian Federation

The Society of Cardiology of the Russian Federation started its Women’s Heart campaign in 2010 with activities to raise awareness and offer screenings to women as well as to educate physicians.

Their Go Red for Women activities include:

  • Distribution of scientific material for healthcare professionals (guidelines, presentation, etc.)
  • Conferences
  • Free health check-up
  • Distribution of educational material
  • Advertising in the media
  • Public outreach through social media including a twitter handle #GoRed_Russia
  • Celebrities featured in Go Red calendar
  • Social media competition where the winner became the “girl of September”

View here the press release on the Go Red activities that took place during the Scientific and educational forum of young cardiologists in July 2012.

Find out more on: www.scardio.ru

Slovak Republic: Slovak League Heart to Heart

The Slovak League Heart to Heart is raising awareness on women and heart disease among women and healthcare professionals.

Their activities include:

  • Advertising in the media
  • Press conferences for public media with presentations from medical professionals
  • Scientific resources for physicians
  • Scientific conference for scientists and physicians with the theme of “Go Red for Women”

Find out more on: www.srdcesrdcu.sav.sk

Slovenia: Slovenian Heart Foundation

The Slovenian Heart Foundation launched its Go Red for Women campaign in summer 2011 with a charity concert and a website focused on preventing cardiovascular disease in women.

Find out more on: www.zenskosrce.si

Switzerland: Swiss Heart Foundation

The Swiss Heart Foundation is running a campaign called “Frau&Herz” to raise awareness on women and cardiovascular disease.

Their Go Red for Women activities include:

  • Publications
  • Distribution of leaflets with information about women and CVD through kiosks (autumn 2014)
  • Lectures by women cardiologists on CVD
  • Website with an online test to assess risks
  • A partnership with pharmacies to offer a cardiovascular test
  • Media activites

Find out more on www.frauundherz.chwww.femmeetcoeur.ch/ www.donnaecuore.ch