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For my heart, for your heart ... for all our hearts

To mark World Heart Day on 29 September, members and partners of the World Heart Federation, and individuals across the world will be organising everything from walks, runs and sporting events, to concerts, public talks and screenings.

To support you, we have developed a number of Campaign Resources … from posters and graphics, to a leaflet, digital banners and more. These are all ready for you to view and download now.

We will be launching many more ways to get involved in the campaign from July onwards and this will include:

  • The Campaign Resources in a number of different languages
  • Our Worldwide Activities interactive map where you can add details of all your events and illuminations
  • Toolkits full of advice on how to support World Heart Day and how to use it as a platform for awareness raising, fundraising and more
  • Lots of ways to make your heart promises online and share them
  • A digital toolkit so that you can help us to achieve the biggest impact on social media
  • A campaign video

Good luck with planning your events and don’t forget to contact us if you need any support or advice.

World Heart Day 2017 celebrations at Amrita University, Mysuru, India

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