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Heart Heroes

Heart Heroes

Showcasing the real-life heroes around the world
committed to heart health

Read the inspiring stories of our Heart Heroes ...

people from all walks of life who have shown commitment, courage, empathy and care in relation to heart health.

From professionals involved in cutting-edge cardiology research and heart healthcare, to everyday people who have done something to look after their and their loved ones' hearts ... we're celebrating everyday heroes of the heart around the world.

Dr Ali Shafeeq

Senior Consultant in Cardiology and Head of Department, National Cardiac Center at the Tertiary Referral Center (Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital)

Nominated by Tiny Hearts of Maldives

I bring to the attention of government officials the huge cost of taking care of acute heart conditions, emphasizing that prevention is a better approach.

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Dr Sidney Smith

American Heart Association Past President, World Heart Federation Past President and volunteer medical expert

Nominated by American Heart Association

I have devoted my life to caring for patients with heart disease and providing treatment to prevent heart disease as well as educating young physicians in training to do the same.

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Brenda Cooperstone

Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer for Rare Disease. Nominated by Pfizer Rare Disease

For World Heart Day I want to help increase awareness of transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy (ATTR-CM), a uniformly fatal disease, to ensure early diagnosis and treatment so that people like my father have more time with their children and grandchildren.

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Second year Undergraduate Students

Sheshadripuram Degree College, Bengaluru, India

Nominated by Public Health Foundation India

We are all committed to follow a heart healthy lifestyle, abstain from tobacco, alcohol and all other forms of substance misuse, and raise the profile on the need for others to do so.

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Anne Safran Dalin

Heart attack survivor living with diabetes

Nominated by Diabetes Sisters, USA

For World Heart Day I want to stay focused on taking care of my health and to ensure that I’m around to have a good, long and happy life with my family and friends. It’s a miracle that I’m here and feeling so well.

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Second Year Undergraduate Students: “The Incredible Yuva”

Sir Parashurambhau College (SP College), Pune

We are hoping that if we let our peers know that using tobacco and alcohol no longer adds to their ‘cool quotient’, we will be able to reduce the number of cardiovascular diseases that are occurring in our world today.

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