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Heart Heroes

Heart Heroes

Showcasing the real-life heroes around the world
committed to heart health

Read the inspiring stories of our Heart Heroes ...

people from all walks of life who have shown commitment, courage, empathy and care in relation to heart health.

From professionals involved in cutting-edge cardiology research and heart healthcare, to everyday people who have done something to look after their and their loved ones' hearts ... we're celebrating everyday heroes of the heart around the world.

Dr Martina Brückmann

Global Medical Head of late-stage Clinical Development Cardio-Metabolism & Respiratory at Boehringer Ingelheim

Health equality is paramount in efforts to reduce metabolic diseases and their impacts. Poverty and low-resource settings take their toll on those with diabetes and heart failure, two diseases heavily impacted by lifestyle and by access to adequate nutrition, exercise and medications.

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Dr Ali Shafeeq

Senior Consultant in Cardiology and Head of Department, National Cardiac Center at the Tertiary Referral Center (Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital)

Nominated by Tiny Hearts of Maldives

I bring to the attention of government officials the huge cost of taking care of acute heart conditions, emphasizing that prevention is a better approach.

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Shirley Ingram

Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) Cardiology., Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin

Before COVID-19, if a patient came to the emergency department with chest pain they would be assessed by an ANP/CNS. Once a heart attack was ruled out, the patient was discharged and invited to the nurse-led chest pain clinic to follow up for potential heart disease and a diagnostic test. The nurse-led chest pain service is a pioneering service at Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin that has been really successful in admission avoidance and diagnosing coronary heart disease.

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Koenraad Verhagen

Nominated by the Amyloidosis Alliance

Koenraad was born in 1940 and was 69 years old when he found out that he has hereditary amyloidosis.

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Dr Boris Cibic

Vice-president of the Slovenian Heart Foundation

Nominated by the Slovenian Heart Foundation (Društvo za zdravje srca in ožilja Slovenije)

I have been alive for such a long time that I can clearly see a huge difference between the wellbeing of citizens today and that of 70 years ago. Therefore, I am optimistic and continue to help others in their wishes to live long and healthy lives.

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Weam Mesha'l

Nurse, Swelieh Al Shamil Health Center, Jordan

Nominated by Royal Health Awareness Society, Jordan

Changing old habits and committing to a healthy lifestyle requires a lot of courage, persistence and determination – I believe that’s what makes someone a Heart Hero.

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