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Dr Mike Omeri, OFR

Dr Mike Omeri, OFR

Former Director General of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Nigeria, and Founder of Timbuktoo Media Solutions

"During my time as Director General of the National Orientation Agency, (NOA), I worked with a number of public-spirited groups and NGOs, such as the Association of Public Health Workers and the NOA, to mount various campaigns against smoking in public places. Indeed, my work gave me the opportunity to act within very large communities, engaging the public on the importance of behaviour modification for health purposes nationwide.

Through our private company, Timbuktoo Media Solutions, which was established six years ago and managed by my dear wife two years before I left active government service, I’ve continued campaigning on healthy hearts, bringing people together from all walks of life to discuss critical health issues. I’m lucky that my previous work in government has given me access to influential, high-profile people in Nigeria to be part of this work..."

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