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This year on World Heart Day, we can all be Heart Heroes

World Heart Day (WHD) is a vital global platform that we, as well as our Members, patient groups and networks of supporters, use to raise awareness and encourage individuals, families, communities, and governments to take action now.

Across the world, thousands of people and organizations will be holding all sorts of activities on and around 29 September: from walks, runs and sporting events, to concerts, public talks, screenings and social media campaigns.

We have developed a number of Campaign Resources to support your activities and events, which include posters, graphics and digital banners in more than 30 languages. We will be launching more ways to get involved in the campaign as we get closer to the date, and soon we will make available to you different sets of toolkits, infographics, leaflets and customizable posters.

Find all our resources here, download and share them with your networks and join us to raise awareness about CVD and heart health.

A few things you can do in the run-up to World Heart Day:

Key actions for individuals, schools and businesses

  1. Download and adapt the campaign resources in your languages. Please read our terms and conditions before using the WHD name and logos.
  2. Make them available to your own networks on your websites.
  3. Inspire the world by making your own promises and Heart Heroes posters on our website. (This option will be available soon).
  4. Help turn a landmark or iconic building in your country red and shine a light for heart health.
  5. Pin your events and activities to our spinning globe.

Key actions for heart healthcare professionals

  1. Display our campaign posters and infographics in your waiting rooms.
  2. Print and give out our top tips for heart health leaflets.
  3. Identify Heart Heroes – whether they’re patients or professionals – in your own networks and tell their stories.
  4. Share your Heart Heroes stories with WHF so that we can share their achievements with the world.
  5. Inspire the world by making your own promises and Heart Heroes posters on our website – you can print them out to display and share them on your social media networks.
  6. Show the World Heart Day campaign video on screens in your waiting rooms.

Good luck with planning your events and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any support or advice.

World Heart Day 2017 celebrations at Amrita University, Mysuru, India

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