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Use Heart to make students aware of CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE

"I used to: Make Students Active Regarding CVD"

Nepal Heart Foundation, Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal

We are an organization based in Nepal with branches and Adhoc committee spread all over Nepal, in 77 districts. We have celebrated World Heart Day organizing different activities. Our branches and Adhoc committees had conducted various programs focusing on raising public awareness about heart diseases. Public awareness campaigns included the distribution of pamphlets and collating of posters with the message of prevention of heart disease to lifestyle modification for better heart health, some organized the motor rally with posters containing heart-healthy messages, some broadcasted a talk with cardiologists with an objective of prevention and cure of heart disease, etc.

The most important event was the nationwide essay competition organized for grade 10 students. We have received essays from 212 students on five different topics related to heart health. We had a judiciary panel to choose the best essays and announce the winners. We had rewarded 17 students (3 students with first, second, and third prizes from each category and 2 consolation prizes. We also organized short training for 5 first prize winner students (one from each category). The prize and the training motivated the students to get involved in raising public awareness on heart diseases.

As an output of the program, 10,000’s of students and the local public were aware of heart diseases, Five future leaders on heart diseases were trained.