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We are pleased to share our World Heart Day Resources with you, but please check our conditions of use below.

Can I use the Campaign Resources?

The World Heart Day Resources are available for use under specific conditions:

  • The Resources including the logo cannot be associated with companies/institutions with activities and products/services that could have a negative impact on the individual and/or public health such as tobacco companies, alcohol distilleries or companies involved in the weapons industry.
  • The World Heart Day Resources and World Heart Day itself cannot be used in connection with the sale of products or for the promotion of a company.
  • The World Heart Day Resources can only be used in association with World Heart Day initiatives. They cannot be adapted and must be used as provided. If you wish to translate the Resources, please contact
  • Companies who are not global or local World Heart Day sponsors are encouraged to make a donation for the use of the key image.

The World Heart Day Resources can only be published with the following copyright within the image or next to it: © World Heart Federation

If I use the Resources do I need to mention your website or logo?

Yes, please! It will help increase awareness if you link to our website and acknowledge that we have created these Resources.

Do you have Resources in my language?

Our Resources are available in many different languages and we continue adding to this. Keep checking in the Resources area!

Is there a World Heart Day press release?

Every year we produce a press release and this should be available for you to download and use to spread our message on 29 September.

If you belong to a recognized media company and would like to access our media release before World Heart Day, please contact